Anglicans/Catholics and the Nicene Creed


I am a former Catholic turned Anglican a few years back for some selfish reasons I do admit but for some theological ones as well. Since being in the Anglican church, I have found that most of my fellow parishioners and the Roman Catholic parishioners up the street have a pretty good and well known relationship and friendship in my town. As myself and a few fellow church goers including our priest (Fr. Andrew) were talking, we expressed how it is a shame that more isn’t being done to unite us all once again. After all, Catholics and Anglicans alike must affirm to the Nicene Creed and what it stands for. We should just be able to agree that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ plain and simple and let our difference on how it gets to be that way just co-exist.


More basically, you’re going to run into Apostolicae Curae.



Who reaches out more than the pope?

We should just be able to agree that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ plain and simple and let our difference on how it gets to be that way just co-exist.

Well that’s just a slap in the face to both parties. Sounds like maybe the Catholics you are talking to are not too well catechised.


The Anglican church allows the denial of Scripture, the divinity of Christ, ordains women and active homosexuals, and the list could go on and on. As such if your church doesn’t even know if Christ is God (or in the case of individuals like the so called “bishop” Shelby Spoong, if God exists at all) it’s more than a reach to claim Anglicans believe in the real presence. I’m sure there are orthodox Anglicans that do, however, the Anglican church as a whole is a dying mess. There are absolutely no prospects for any sort of unity without some radical changes in Anglicanism that aren’t going to happen. The Anglican church will continue to become a radical leftist quasi-church and orthodox Christians within Anglicanism will continue to defect to the Catholic and Orthodox Churches as they’ve been doing for some years now.


I’m not sure that ACbishop belongs to the Anglican Communion that you are thinking of (though he may). Not all Anglicans do. I don’t.


posterus traditus Anglicanus


This is all just plainly not true. The persons you are referring to are Episcopalians who are following the paths of the national church here in the US and certainly not those who are part of the Anglican Communion worldwide. I would be careful throwing around things like our church is a mess and such. We have plenty of ex-Catholics and cradle ones I might add in our parish now thanks to the Catholic priests who tarnished your church with child sexual abuse.


I think its sad that the sins of a few (and rare) number of Catholic priests can turn away a Catholic into leaving the Church.

I think saying that one “bad egg” means that the whole basket is is tainted is unfair to those who have remained good.

I read in a post in another site:

For every bad priest, we can name 50 or more who have been good and loyal to the teachings of Christ.

I agree, though with this part of your first post:

It would be lovely if someday everyone in this world will be one in faith in Christ.

God bless!



At the present time, The Episcopal Church (as it is now named) is indeed a part of the Anglican Communion, and is in communion with the archbishop of Canterbury (that seems to be what defines communion membership.) Their stance on these issues is far from unique, finding echoes – and in some cases strident support – in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and the positions are championed by such notable Anglicans as archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

And the “worldwide Anglican Communion” has shown itself to be utterly powerless to counter the heretical assertions of these people. About all the archbishop of Canterbury can ultimately do is decline to invite the bishops from these places to the Lambeth Conference. About all any other churches in the communion can do is split from these heretics.

Here’s the thing. The Catholic Church never said that what these priests did was other than sinful. No one in Anglicanism is in a position to do anything when the likes of Spong, Ingham, and others, say that that which is sin, and has been known and taught to be sin since the beginning of divine revelation, is now somehow not sin.

I worshipped among the Anglicans here in Canada (Ingham’s area, in fact) for a number of years. There were some I met who had come from the Catholic Church, but typically, it was divorce and remarriage that brought them there. Never once (I was a Rector’s (senior) Warden for 4 years) did I ever encounter someone there because of the dreadful abuses that occurred.



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