Anglicans respond to global refugee crisis

[ACNS] Anglican churches and congregations around the globe are responding to the Syrian refugee crisis with offers of help, support, prayers and political lobbying.

In New Zealand, the Anglican Archbishop Philip Richardson has joined forces with his Roman Catholic counterpart, Cardinal John Dew, to call on the government to double its annual refugee cap. Since 1987 New Zealand has capped the number of refugees it will receive at 750 each year - a number that has remained unchanged since it was introduced. The two are now calling for that number to increase, saying that there is a need for “an urgent collective response.”

“The response is government-led and can involve communities and churches working together,” they said in a statement.

Within the province, the diocese of Wellington has said its congregations are ready to house and provide financial support for 40 families - around 160 people - as part of a “One family, one parish” initiative.

That is nice.

I always am grateful, especially when I see so much of what goes on in debates here, when instead I see Anglicans and Catholics or any other 2 or more faiths set aside their differences and come together on the common ground of serving the Lord and doing His work. It is when this is done that matters most, I believe. Not the many of the things humans disagree on. What was it the Lord said? Where 2 or more are gathered in His name, there He is in their midst. Thanks be to God!

Cool beans.


It ought to be so that we work together more often anyhow. We have too much in common to be on different sides.

I hear you, Sy. :slight_smile:

At the same time, though, I think I can understand how some of our brethren tend to be a bit standoffish about ecumenism, inasmuch as it is very often an opportunity for one group to take advantage of another.

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