Anglo-Catholic Book of Common Prayer 2010


I just received a copy of the Anglo-Catholic Book of Common Prayer (2010). It was created by the Anglo-Catholic Archdiocese of the Southwest (not in communion with Rome). However, I think it might be okay to pray the Daily Office from it. I have read that some Catholics use this prayer book.

Anyhow, I am going to speak to the priest at the Catholic Church on my campus soon to make sure it would be okay to pray the Daily Office from this book as a Catholic, but I wanted to hear some ideas here, too, if anyone is familiar with this prayer book. It is really beautiful. I am in the process of a move so will probably not start the official process of conversion for another couple of months, but I wouldn’t mind having something more “Anglican” to pray so long as it is in accord with Catholicism.

I’m open to other recommendations, too!


As a (non-religious) lay person, you do not have an obligation to recite the divine office. As such, (from my understanding) there is nothing stopping you from using that book to pray the hours of the divine office. Just be aware you might run into some information that conflicts with the official Roman Catholic version of it (such as the propers or the daily readings for Mass being different from what’s official for the Mass of the day). Deacons and Priests (and Bishops) have an obligation to pray the divine office using either the older breviary from 1962 or the current breviary from 1970. Any religious, whether priest or layperson, follows the form of the divine office prescribed for members of his or her order.


Yes, I understand I am under no obligation to pray it, but it was encouraged in Anglicanism, and I know lay Catholics can pray it. I think I will look for something approved by the Catholic Church, but it would be cool if there was something Catholic similar to the style of this prayer book.


I have a copy as well, and I got the impression that this book came from the Catholic Anglican Ordinrate, The section of the mass has a lot of Latin in it, and seems to be based on then 1962 Missal.


I have a copy. It is an excellent tome.


Catholics pray the Divine Office or the Liturgy of the Hours and there is even an app for it but there is a specific Divine Office we are supposed to use because one of them does not have something correct.


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