Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques across the country because it 'clashes with state religion of Christianity'


I need your help. Some FB acquaintances of mine posted the above article with the headline So. Is there a Christian out there who has a problem with this?

They quote the following Papal Documents:

Gregory XVI, in “Mirari vos” of August 15, 1832 DS 2730:
Pius IX, “Quanta cura,” Dec. 8, 1864 *** 3.162:
Leo XIII, “Immortale Dei.” Nov. 1, 1885 *** 18:

I can’t see how those documents apply to the “banning” of another religion.


I don’t know if this is true or not but angola has witnessed what is happening in nigeria and sudan and how christians have been persecuted by muslim extremists. They are trying to prevent the attacks in angola but by closing the mosques they will be angering many people as well. I think it is a situation where you can’t win for losing.


Hopefully Angola is South enough in Africa that they don’t have many Mosques. Angola certainly has legitimate concerns I would say.


Any african nation that considers itself christian definitely has concerns right now sad to say.


The news article is from November, 2013. The Angolan government has denied that Islam was being “banned” or that all mosques were being closed. Here is some clarification of what was happening last year:

David Ja, a spokesman for local Muslims, challenged the government’s account and said that a number of mosques had already been closed.

But according to the ministry of culture, those closures were related to a lack of necessary land titles, building licenses or other official documents.

A witness in the province of Uige (Carmona) told Al Jazeera that the closed mosques were hastility built by expatriate communities from west and north Africa who needed a place to perform Friday prayers.

“It’s true that several mosques have been destroyed and others simply shut down in the last few months. Most of the mosques that were destroyed were built without government permission. Two authorised mosques in Luanda are still operating without a problem. I have not heard of any official decision to ban Islam or prohibit Muslim prayers in mosques.” Ahmed ould Taher told Al Jazeera.

I am not sure why this old news story has re-surfaced, but I guess the nature of social media has something to do with it.


Thanks for pointing that out.


Thanks for pointing that out.


That is what I thought; too juicy to be true!


This really seems to be a violation of the Muslims’ religious freedom. I think other religious groups are being targeted too and so their religious freedom is under attack as well. It would seem like Angola is trying to become a theocracy or something and I really don’t think that will work too well. I may be wrong though on the theocracy thing. I may be wrong on any point of this post. However, I sincerely feel like this is a violation of the Muslims’ religious freedom. If the Muslims were posing a serious problem to their society then I would think less invasive measures could have been used other than banning Islam and destroying mosques. In my opinion, this will likely only backfire and cause the Muslims to act out in anger against the Angolan government and that is not good. If this were happening to Christians, they probably would not act violently in return but when it comes to Muslims, they often act violently in return. In fact, I think the Quran even says that if war is being waged against Islam that Muslims are obligated wage jihad against those waging war against Islam. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone jihad in any sense. However, I also don’t condone the banning of a mainstream religion like Islam. If it was a dangerous cult then I would see no problem with it being banned but I didn’t see anything that would be indicative of terrorism other than a mention of clashes between Christians and Muslims. Regardless, the clashes surely could have been handled in a better manner than by banning Islam.


I apologise for the article being old but I started it yesterday because I would like to know if the Papal documents that I quoted in my OP can be used as a basis for this.


Okay. I was simply pointing out that the article was making false claims. The age of the article simply confirms that the claims were false, since the story would be ongoing if it were true. Muslims around the world would make it an issue.

As to your concern about the papal quotes, yes, I am troubled when people cite centuries’ old quotes from some pope and try to apply that quote to current situations. I think cherry-picking papal quotes is a bit like proof-texting from the Bible. Perhaps it is even worse, since it tends to raise papal pronouncements to the level of divine revelation. But I suppose that really is a topic best dealt with in the Apologetics forum.


No they can’t. Banning Islam, shutting down all Muslim houses of worship, etc would be a form of unjust discrimination.


It’s my understanding the Catholic Church stands for freedom of religion.

Besides, I have real concerns about this level of big government.


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