ANGRY about the scandals--listen to this

Angry about the scandals listen to this:
If you’re angry about all that went on with the scandals and everything listen to Father Larry’s 10 1/2 minute homily from today. See if you need a heart transplant. HE WAS ABUSED at 17 when he went into the Seminary. If he can forgive why can’t we. Also will mercy be shown to us at the end of our life if we don’t show mercy to others now. Gave me a LOT of pause for thought. People are really spewing venom online and we have a right to be angry like Father said but we also need to know that we also will be judged. Father Larry is amazing.


Thank you, I needed this.


Forgive, yes, on a personal level, but also remove the perpetrators and their accomplices / friends in high places from any possibility of ever being able to do something like that again.



Yes. Forgiveness does not mean “awe shucks, it’s ok.”


There seems to me more outrage at angry posts than sexually abused victims. Just mind blowing.


NO proper justice to fit the crime. But also forgiveness to be able to move on. I read somewhere that if you don’t forgive somebody it doesn’t hurt or bother them but it hurts and bothers you for the rest of your life.

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I’m ANGRY about the abuse but I can’t change the past I can only change the future as much as I can by how I deal with people and pray for them. Of course I AM ANGRY that any innocent child, young person or adult was harmed in any way.

I’ve always found Father Larry to be an inspired speaker.


If you are saying that a priest that raped an 8 year old boy to the point he eventually died from a pain-killer overdose deserves mercy, I think you are sick.

If you are saying that a Bishop that covered the above up, allowing more abuse to occur, deserves mercy, I think you are sick.

Forgive the truly repentant? Fine. Innocent until proven guilty? Fine. But absolve those that are guilty from any punishment whatsoever? You’re nuts.

Forgiveness does not mean no punishment, no repercussions, no consequences.


Nobody suggested any such thing.


if you are referring to me I am not saying they should not receive proper justice they should receive whatever the law allows for the crime but I have to pray for their conversion. I don’t wish any soul to go to hell.


This isn’t about forgiveness. When these actions are swept under the rug it does irreparable damage to the image of the church. I hold no ill will against the predators, they’re clearly broken individuals. I am livid with the people who aren’t broken, who aren’t predators, and cooperated with this cover up. That is a greater crime than the actual abuse.

How are we supposed to bring people into the church when the church appears to ignore such actions? When such scandal is found all the way to the top of our leadership? My pregnant girlfriend is fighting me tooth and nail about ever sending our child to catholic school because she think he’ll be abused and I don’t have a good argument to dispel her fears because our leadership is more worried about plastic in the oceans than the rampant homosexual predation of our young men.


Could we please not assume what others are thinking? It’s not helpful. I don’t see ANYBODY saying that those guilty should be let go. I don’t see it anywhere. As for mercy, yes…I DO believe Christ will show mercy to every sinner as He will show mercy to you and to I. The legal system is not obligated to show mercy and I’m not sure if it would be justified. Again, when due process has been served, we’ll be in a better place to understand and process the situation.


If “mercy” means all you have to do is pray for the accused while they rot in jail, I don’t think any priest would devote a 10 minute homily to it.

Every bit justifiable and true to be angry with them and what they ignored. They will have to answer to God for that and NO punishment they could get here will be anything they will get at their final judgement if they are indeed guilty.

For lack of better words, that simply isn’t good enough. We can not wait for gods justice in the next life when the example of our leadership is driving people away from the church. That is the greatest scandal in this whole ordeal. The very people who should be trying to get every single soul on earth to see the image of Christ reflected in his church is instead driving them into the arms of a secular world gloating about how wicked our leaders are and appearing to prove the secular world right.


I can only pray and trust God to take care of it.

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No her post plainly states if you’re angry about that you “need a heart transplant”

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But then what is the purpose of this discussion? I listened to the homily in its entirety. The implications is CLEARLY that the guilty should NOT be punished. There is a point about innocent until proven guilty, and that’s fine, but no one would argue that - and we are WAY past that anyway.

What then is “mercy”? If you say that these guilty men should still be punished severely, what was the point of the homily? Are you really saying on one hand “fry 'em!” and on the other “but I’ll pray for them”?
I don’t get the point of the homily OR the point of this thread if we are all OK with the guilty priests resigning and being punished.

I am a SHE and I was referring to what Father Larry said and he is an abuse survivor (Abuse when he went into the seminary at 17)

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