"Angry Catholic Mother" Video


how to respond to someone who shows you this?

It’s no wonder anti-catholics think what they do and hold to misunderstandings.

Though I can understand this mother’s anger, her actions were clearly in the wrong. The same could be said for whoever posted this on the internet.


:gopray: for this family

viewer discretion- heavy foul language


Well, they’re going to start going to Church every week now (she says so in the video), so things should get better. :smiley:

Haha, I saw this a while ago. Is it very uncommon for people (parents in particular) to react in this way?

Regardless, the mother did act over the top in my opinion. WAY too loud and obnoxious. :wink:

Well, the mother (and father) didn’t raise the kid. How do I know? Because you don’t let your teenager look like a damn hippy with John Lennon reject glasses lounge around. He didn’t get that way on his own. These are pretty typical parents. They probably think they “raise” their kid by allowing him to do whatever he wants and be home by 7:00.

As if going to Church will solve this issue all by itself. All form and no substance.

The world is raising their son. Or should I say “has raised”.

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