Angry crowd confronts officers following police shooting in San Diego suburb of El Cajon, California


Angry crowd confronts officers following police shooting in San Diego suburb of El Cajon, California. `


How sad.


“When (officers) contacted him, he failed to comply with the directives that he was given,” Ransweiler said.

Instead, Davis said the man kept his hands concealed in his pockets while pacing back and forth. As a second officer prepared a Taser, the man “rapidly drew an object,” placed both hands on it “like you would be holding a firearm” and stood in a “shooting stance,” according to police.


Unfortunately another case of the police being called out to deal with society’s issues that no one else wants to deal with. Since they closed most of the state mental hospitals and have provided no or very little treatment options for those with mental health issues it usually has fallen upon the police to try to come in and deal with it.

Fortunately better mental health training has come along for Law Enforcement but the fact remains that it is not and should not be their responsibility. Law Enforcement are there to enforce the law, and do not have the time or resources to spend an hour on the side of the road as a mental health counselor. They are trained and responsible with protecting the public and if in a case like this someone refuses to show their hands then quickly pulls out a small black object in a shooting stance they have to defend themselves and their community.

Thankfully I know of some counties near me that have established mental health crisis teams where someone can call a hotline and a mental health counselor and case worker can arrive at a scene with an officer who has advanced mental health training and they can try to de-escalate the situation properly. However those teams are still few and far between and lack the resources and financing to be more readily available (Their response time is usually around an hour which is an eternity on the side of the road during a crisis situation)


Great post for a sad situation! Prayers for all…


Sad thing in El Cajon, is that the ECPD have a mental crisis team in place already. They should have been the ones dispatched to deal with this man. Instead they inexplicably sent the regular cops :confused:


Here we go again! So sad for all involved


Here’s report of what happened last night, from the El Cajon Police Department.

                                        Tonight, a group of between 50 and 75 protestors occupied the intersection of Broadway and Mollison in El Cajon.  They began stopping vehicles and breaking their car windows.  At one point, an assault took place between the protestors and a motorcyclist who was knocked off of his motorcycle.  ECPD received numerous 911 calls about the disturbance in the intersection and a group of officers from the multi-agency composite platoon moved into the area.  An unlawful assembly was declared by law enforcement (per section 407 of the California Penal Code) at the scene and notice was given to the protestors to disperse. [](


It’s now gotten to the point where we need to start charging family/friends/witnesses with inciting riots when they lie about these sad events. They are lashing out in their anger in attempts to get revenge and encouraging mob violence with false statements.

From the article:

"After police arrived on the scene, Davis said, the man drew an ‘object’ from his pocket, ‘placed both hands together on it and extended it rapidly toward the officer, taking what appeared to be a shooting stance.’

“One officer on the scene discharged a Taser. Another officer — the one who ‘had the object pointed at him,’ Davis says — ‘simultaneously’ fired a gun, shooting the man several times.”

Here’s what that shooting stance and pointing looked like:

Clearly you CAN’T do this. You can’t point an object that looks like a gun at a police officer. It’s sad that he died, but this was suicide by cop. Cops can’t be expected to wait until someone fires live bullets at them before they start returning fire.

Here are some of the incendiary comments:

Witnesses said they saw Olango’s hands in the air when he was shot, but police say the cellphone footage from a bystander corroborates the officers’ account of a “shooting stance.” They have released a still image from the video, but not the footage, which they say the bystander voluntarily turned over to police.

This is clearly a lie.

Another protester, local civil rights activist Estella Del Rios, said that El Cajon’s district attorney has never determined a police shooting was unjustified. She called for an outside investigation.

“This is a life,” Del Rios told KPBS. “A life that matters. And I just want to say we demand, as a community, a federal prosecution.** We know there’s a photo out there that tells just one story, one side of the story.** The family needs answers. They need it now.”

Here the “civil rights activist” basically admits that the photo released completely corroborates the police account, but because she has an ax to grind, still wants unrest. This is inciting violence.

And on the issue of the mental health team:

El Cajon police have been criticized for not sending a team specifically trained to deal with psychiatric emergencies; the department says they had a clinician in the field dealing with another call related to mental illness, and that that team was “not immediately available” for the call about Olango.


They have Tasers? Or could shoot to disable? Far too many extremes here. AGAIN.

Meanwhile, here in Ireland our Gardai, unarmed except for special untis. are going on strike … for more pay.


Tasers have a high failure rate, in that they don’t always work, they don’t always hit their target, they don’t always penetrate clothing far enough, and sometimes a person is either mentally ill or on drugs and it has no effect on them.

And shooting to wound or disable is Hollywood make-believe. Only people with zero familiarity with guns ever think such a thing is possible.


Additionally, someone shot in the leg, arm, shoulder would still be able to fire at the police officer so nothing is solved by doing that. The threat still exists.


Earlier in the evening a Trump supporter was chased and assaulted by Black Lives Matter supporters One can only try and imagine what we’d be hearing now if Trump supporters had chased and beaten a BLM supporter.


I imagine I would be reading something like you just wrote, but with the affiliations reversed. :shrug:

While the situation is tragic, the shooting will be ruled justified. It has to be. A family can take care of their mentally challenged members without calling the police, or they can call the police. If they call the police, then they do not get medical personnel, but public safety personnel. “Suicide by cop” is an accurate phrase.

The best way to prevent this sort of incident, other than increasing taxes to better fund mental health services, to to have families and the public become more tolerant with those that are mentally ill, so that police are never called in the first place.

I have no respect for these protesters who violently protest violence. They are the worst kind of hypocrites.


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