Angry Neighbors Won't Be Charged in Beating of Suspect in 11-Year-Old Girl's Rape

Angry Neighbors Won’t Be Charged in Beating of Suspect in 11-Year-Old Girl’s Rape

OK Let me get this straight:

Killing unborn children = good
Killing abortion doctors = bad
Raping children = bad
Beating the hell out of the rapist = good

For those who don’t know, this man rapped an 11 year old girl while she was walking to school. Residences recognizing him from photos on the TV, attacked and beat the hell out of him, proudly. (I saw the news reports) Apparently, they beat another fellow who was innocent. Still, no charges will be filed. I’m trying to reconcile the two attacks. One’s bad, while the other is OK.

I generally don’t support vigilantism. I believe that it was wrong of the neighbours to beat both these men.

Now if the neighbours came out and caught the rapist in the act I may be more sympathetic. But it is senseless to go beat someone whom you ‘think’ has done a terrible wrong.

Wrong but not senseless. It may be the only real punishment the guy ever gets.

not if he goes to jail. a child rapists in gen. pop. wouldnt fair to well. which is where i would put him, and i would make sure every con knew what he did to get there.

Two wrongs never make a right, and I should probably go to confession when I agree deep down that the beating of the wrongdoer was a good thing. (sigh) Sometimes street justice happens, and getting a jury to convict would be a very slim chance at best. Any DA would agree.

Or Hell.

I don’t agree with the lack of punishment. Perhaps the reason why the attack was made should be brought into consideration when giving these people their punishments, but their actions shouldn’t be pardoned or ignored. They hurt an innocent man in their blood-thurst. They should be punished for their actions.

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