Angry Republicans Push Big Changes in $38B Israel Aid Package


Four Republican U.S. lawmakers said on Tuesday they would seek to overturn parts of a $38 billion military aid agreement with Israel, setting up a showdown with President Barack Obama over the package days after it was signed.

Senators Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Ted Cruz told a news conference they wanted to add a measure giving Israel an additional $1.5 billion in military aid to a bill expected later this year to renew U.S. sanctions on Iran . . .

U.S. and Israeli officials signed the agreement on Wednesday. The 10-year, $38 billion package is the largest in U.S. history. It was reached after nearly 10 months of negotiations that underscored continuing friction between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, our roads look like they were imported from Iraq, and our bridges, dams, trains, public schools, electrical supply, and water supply crumble and decay and we can’t build a wall and defend our own southern border but we can send $38 Billion over to Israel and four U.S. Senators want to send an additional $1.5 Billion to buy more bombs and the Missile Command system. :shrug:

And I wouldn’t send $1.3 Billion in military assistance every year to Egypt either.

US approves record $38bn Israel military aid deal:


they objected to a provision in the agreement preventing Israel from asking for additional funds from Congress after the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), begins at the end of fiscal 2018.

Once again, we see how the Obama administration feels about the First Amendment.


The US spends several billion per year on aid to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and others. We are essentially paying these countries not to go to war with each other, and to maintain their strength against Iran and ISIS.


Having worked in the foreign military sales (FMS) business for couple times, Israel is only country in the region that can lobby and negotiate with the U.S. directly. They don’t have to go through any D.C. program office. They have their own Washington lobbyists. They get mostly what they ask for. The rest of Israel’s Semite brothers have to go through an intermediary, D.C., and Congress and they always don’t get to have the best equipment available. There’s always a lot of restrictions placed on their uses and destructions. For that reasons, many of them have turned to the U.K., France, Pakistan, China, and Australia for military assistance.


So that is roughly $115 for every man, woman, child and illegal in the US. I’m against welfare. But if you are going to have welfare at least give it to your own people. I also am deeply disturbed the US government aids a country that promotes a race or religion. The federal government supposedly can’t support a race or religion in the US. But it can give money to a foreign government that does?


I would gladly donate another $115 to support Israel.

There aren’t many states on earth that aren’t based on an ethnicity or religion.
Germany is unabashedly for Germans.
France is for the French.
China for the Han Chinese
Mongolia is populated by Mongols.
Japan excludes non-Japanese from citizenship.
Vietnam is for Vietnamese, not the Montangnards that also live there.
All Islamic states support Islam and oppress, in one way or another, all other religions.
There are Arab Israelis, and a lot of them. How many Egyptian Jews are there? (twelve, by last count)
How many Muslims are in the Israeli government and military? Quite a few.
How many Jews are in the government of Islamic states? None.


Germany is for the Germans ? France is for the French ? Are you sure about that ?


Well, used to be the case, anyway. France is named after the Franks. Belgium after the Belgae. And so on. Regardless, European states were established based on ethnicity and linguistics. But I agree, things like “Deutschland uber alles” are probably passé now.


That’s fine. But the measure being promoted here would take that decision out of your hands and make it mandatory.


Yes, and I fully approve of it. It’s refreshing to see this country supporting an ally instead of an enemy; something it does far too often.

In any event, most of the aid to Israel is required to be spent on American-made arms. We could do worse, and often do.


If we were able to keep that money I’d rather give it to a cause I support. If everyone at my parish gave that money to the church we’d have over $400,000. That wouldn’t likely happen. But if even a small portion went to the church it would help tremendously.

Germany and every Christian nation on earth isn’t for only the ethnic people that live there. All western nations are for everyone. Israeli was created purposefully to be for a particular race/religious group. The European countries weren’t created for that purpose and aren’t allowed to maintain ethnic or religious homogeneity.


Replace the stars and stripes on our flag with a giant sucker.



Big parish.

Germany and most others were created exactly as homelands for a particular ethnic group. That they no longer value their cultures is a fairly recent development. But just because they don’t does not mean Israel should emulate their example. If Israel had “open borders” like Germany has nowadays, all Israelis would be killed in short order.


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