Angry Ukrainians tossed a politician into a dumpster and beat him with a tire


Americans are not the only people that appear to be sick of their politicians.

An angry crowd in Kiev threw Ukrainian MP Vitaly Zhuravsky into a dumpster Tuesday then held him down, beat him with a tire and dumped water on him, a new video has revealed.

Zhuravsky helped draft legislation limiting free speech while a member of the same political party as deposed President Viktor Yanukovych’s political party, according to the Washington Post.

Cellphone video shows Zhuravsky being chased by dozens of people until they cornered and tossed him head over heels into the trash.

Haha. :slight_smile:


I haven’t watched the video but my imagination is running wild at “beating him with a tire…” I can barely lift a tire, much less beat someone with one…


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