Animals are immortal


Consciousness is a property of mind (mind being the essence of any being with the ability to experience, decide and cause). Animals have mind since they are conscious. Mind is irreducible hence immortal. Therefore animals are immortal.

There is an ongoing debate on whether plans are conscious. They are immortal if they are conscious.


Pope Francis once said we may see our pets in heaven.
Opposite to what I grew up hearing and learning, but hey, that’d be nice I guess.


Materialists will certainly argue that mind is neither irreducible nor immortal.


I personally believe that it may very well be within our power to “recreate” dead pets in eternity, as glorified saints… assuming God’s OK with that. That’s different than animals here on earth having immortal souls.


This seems to elucidate the matter quite well…


Materialist position of mind is a failure. I have an argument for that:

  1. Mind which is a mental state is byproduct of brain activity
  2. Qualia which is a mental state is byproduct of brain activity
  3. To tell that mind experiences Qualia is then equivalent to say that a mental state experiences another mental state which is absurd
  4. Therefore mind is not reducible to matter activity


Animals have a sensory consciousness as it were (or rather should probably be termed a sensory knowledge) the principle of which is their soul and the soul’s sensory powers such as the five external senses and interior sense powers such as the imagination and common sense which operate in conjunction with the body and bodily organs. Accordingly, the soul and its powers in animals and plants depend on a living body and its organs for their operation so that when an animal or plant dies and the body decomposes the souls of animals and plants cease to exist. Not that they are annihilated but they recede back into the potentiality of matter. Consequently, the souls of animals are not immortal.

Human beings like animals have a sensory consciousness (sensory knowledge) as it were, but they also have which animals do not have a spiritual and intellectual consciousness (intellectual knowledge) derived from their spiritual powers of intellect and will. The intellect and will, being spiritual powers of the soul, have an operation independent of the body or any bodily organ and so the spiritual human soul is incorruptible and immortal and survives the death of the body.

It’s possible that at the end of the world when God renews the entire creation and it takes on incorruptibility, God will create animals who will be incorruptible not because of the nature of their soul but because even matter or the bodies of things such as our own in the new creation is going to take on incorruptibility such as Christ’s and Mary’s bodies are now. I personally like to think that there will be animals, plants, and trees in the new and eternal creation. Various passages of Scripture mention animals in heaven such as the horses in the Book of Revelation. Whether this is purely symbolic I don’t know but it does mention it. Trees are mentioned in the new heavens and the new earth in Revelation too and, again, whether this is purely symbolic of spiritual realities, I don’t know.


Consciousness is not the same thing as a rational intellect.


To say that soul is form of matter and corrupts upon death is materialist point of view.


Conscious is fundamental without it intellect could not exist. Opposite is not true.


Well, there it is then. You yourself say sensitive consciousness is at a more basic level than the intellect.


No… A materialist would deny any principle of form altogether as it’s qualitative and not quantitative or measurable.


The rational soul (mind) is of the supra-organic order. Because of the rational human soul, with the development of reason, there can be free-will and responsibility. Non-human material creatures are not known with such development of reason.

Supra-organic order: Intellect (chiefly: conception, judgment, reasoning, reflection, self-consciousness).
Organic order: sensuous consciousness, cognition – with the infant sensuous consciousness begins with sensation.


They don’t. For a materialist things are made of matter and they act differently because of different configuration of matter.


So you agree with me? In fact what we call intellect is just the result of configuration of matter in the brain. I invite you to watch the following short movie too. It shows that chimpanzee has power of abstraction.


It is consciousness which is non-physical. Consciousness is fundamental. Intellect is not possible without consciousness.


Self-consciousness not sensuous consciousness.


I’m not telling my cat that she’s immortal. Her ego is already huge.


And form in hylemorphic dualism isn’t just the configuration of matter.


I know that chimp. It’s not demonstration of abstraction. Sensitive consciousness is also material based.

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