Animals are immortal



Sure, and we could say the same thing about our deceased spouses, parents and children.


Somehow Heaven would be incomplete without the joyful presence of our pets. They also had suffering in this life.


Maybe some of us try to convince ourselves animals have no place in heaven to justify our butchering and factory farming of them.


You’re allowed to eat tasty animals. I don’t agree with Factory Farming but that’s for another Thread.


Also, why thomist always say that animals don’t have a rational soul? Theory of evolution and ethology has demonstrated us that animals can follow certain logic act rationally and altruistically.

Obviously, they don’t have the capacity of humans, but they are partially rational, so the classical speculative-theology argument of the soul doesn’t work.


What is more?


I have always found it hard to believe that any organism that has self-awareness ceases to exist when it dies. Having said that i don’t think that many organisms have a mind, depending on what that means.


There could be no thing if the fundamental element of things, which is reducible since otherwise it is not fundamental, is temporal. Everything vanishes by time.


I agree with him.


But remember, that only applies to dogs. Cats are still condemned.

Party pooper! :smile:


While you have a point there, the idea of animal afterlife for some reason generates huge battles that are not fought over the question of human reunions in the afterlife.

The idea of Heaven as a nonending family reunion is just as problematic as the animal question. After all, our LORD said there would be no marriage (but that’s another topic!) and it would seem unlikely, at best, that human relationships that death ended years before would resume as before.

But in relation to animals, Our LORD and the Holy Church both left the issue open, so methinks that’s the best position to.take.



Ha - ok, so upon what do you base this assertion that mind is the “fundamental element of things”?


I want my animals there. I have loved them all and they have all had a special place in my heart so I figure God would want me to have them with me in heaven. If they aren’t I assume God will make it so I either don’t know about it or don’t mind about it


Incidentally this is how I have come to terms with thinking about the afterlife without my friends/loved ones who reject God’s mercy. I either won’t be aware of their absence or my understanding will be such that I will see it for what it is and accept it


The only thing we can be sure of is that God will do the right thing.


and we know him to be completely fair and completely merciful


So, IYO, animals CAN be in Heaven?


I agree with you halogirl.


In reality we have two separate things, mind and what is created, changed and experienced by mind. The later owes its existence to mind. Therefore mind is fundamental.

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