Animals do have immortal souls

Continuing the discussion from [Is pet abortion moral?]

Continuing the discussion from [Is pet abortion moral?]:

God doesn’t create things without immortal souls, though humans are more important animals are loved by God. If God is to bother loving it, it’s only like God to give them souls. The whole abortion thing is debatable but these animals surely aren’t soulless.


Animals have souls; however, they’re not immortal souls and they do not exist like a human will after death.


I agree that they don’t go to heaven, however God will redeem all. The Bible tells us all will be made fair and right when the Earth is new. So while they shall not enter heaven they will be recreated, just as they were. I’d research the Bible for this, not listen to other humans.

Where in the Bible does it say that animals are in need for redemption? Where in the Bible does it detail such a redemption, which you would think would be hugely important.

It does not necessarily follow that animals must have immortal souls like humans for everything to be fair and right.

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God allows us heaven because he loves us and doesn’t want us to truly die. The first animals like us were immortal. We sinned and made them also receive death. This world isn’t fair because of sin, but without sin we can, and will have completely fair life. All will be one. No one will even want to have more than their brother.

When you say truly die, I take it you mean damnation?

How do you know they didn’t die before the Fall? Is it immoral to eat animals for food?

I still don’t see a Biblical basis for animals requiring redemption or that animals must have immortal souls for everything to be right and fair. Was God wrong when He made us different from the angels?

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Recently there seems to be a preoccupation with the question of whether my pet will be in heaven with me?

Will your spouse? If you won’t be married in heaven and fully occupied with the beatific vision, why is the pet question important?


Bible research is almost meaningless - 30,000 denominations do bible research and all disagree.

The entire world - even atheists - knows what the bible says.

No one can agree on what it means.

Christ founded a Church, not a bible. Christians are intended to listen to that Church. You are free to disagree, just as you are free even to reject God.


Pets are becoming deified in this country.


It annoys me to no end. You have no idea how much it disgusts me :neutral_face:


People treating pets as children greatly troubles me my parents did this…

I won’t go into it all @Cruciferi since you probably remember me talking about it in the Curmudgeonarium.


Anne-Marie: Charlie, will I ever see you again?

Charlie: Sure you will, kid. You know goodbyes aren’t forever.

Anne-Marie: Then goodbye, Charlie. I love you.

Charlie: Yep… I love you too.

It’s just a movie anyway :man_shrugging:t2:

The bible tells us that there are animals in heaven. It mentions specifically that there are horses in heaven.

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Animals do not have immortal souls. They will die. Will there be animals in heaven? Probably. Will a Jack Russell actually be my Penny, no.

How can an animal be in everlasting heaven if he has no immortality?

I’d say a newly created animal - one without any health defects, inbreeding, etc. The animals we have now on earth also suffer from the effects of sin, as does the physical earth. It’s all breaking down due to sin.

yes i am totally agree with you. i think the animals have pure souls that is free from all social sins like greed, theft, merciless etc.

Catholic Answers:Animals have souls like humans?
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Do animals have souls like human beings?
Animals have souls–and so do plants. Does this answer sound like something out of the New Age movement? Don’t worry–it isn’t. Rest assured we’re not saying animals and plants have souls like ours.

The soul is the principle of life. Since animals and plants are living things, they have souls, but not in the sense in which human beings have souls. Our souls are rational–theirs aren’t–and ours are rational because they’re spiritual, not material.

Animals and plants can’t do anything which transcends the limitations of matter. Although some animals seem clever, they don’t actually possess conceptional intelligence. They can’t, for instance, conceive of the abstract notion of justice.

Animals and plants also lack a moral sense. When you scold Spot for chewing the carpet and tell him what he did was “wrong,” you aren’t assigning guilt of sin to him, since he can’t commit a sin.

Animal and vegetable souls are dependent entirely on matter for their operation and being. They cease to exist at death. (There’s no “doggie heaven.”)

Human souls, by contrast, aren’t material. They’re spiritual. Only a spirit can know and love, a spirit’s two chief faculties being the intellect (which knows) and the will (which loves). We know human souls are spiritual since humans can know and love.

We also know human souls are immortal because spirits can’t decompose. They have no parts: Only a thing with parts can fall apart. A spirit is a unit. It has no top or bottom, no left or right, no inside or outside.

Every bit of matter, even the smallest, has parts. The human body can decompose–it’s made of matter, after all–but the human soul can’t. That’s why we say it’s immortal.

A good discussion of the differences between human beings and animals is available in Mortimer Adler’s The Difference of Man and the Difference it Makes.

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They may be free free from social sins as they lack moral sense. However, their physical bodies (now on earth) succumb to the consequences of sin in the world - disease, illness, overbreading, etc. Humans also are physically disposed to cancer, arthritis, etc. Our imperfect bodies will be made perfect. All of creation suffers physically from sin - including it earth. The Bible tells us all creation groans:" For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now." Romans 8:22

Animals were created for man. In heaven they will be useless.

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