Animals do have immortal souls


Animals give glory to God by the fact of their existence as one of His creations.


Animals don’t have immortal souls. They have material souls. Read the Summa.

Also, animals and plants have distinctly different souls.


No, they’ll only appear cooked. Now where’s that walking steak :cut_of_meat::yum:


If we make it to heaven, what will an animal look like?



How the heck would Aquinas know? Did he get a revelation from God? I realize he’s brilliant, but I think we give this man too much credit for knowing something that is truly unknowable.


He was educated at the foot of the cross.


St augustine isnt buying this!


Yeah…we should put our trust on what some guy on the internet thinks before Thomas Aquinas…LOL


Hey, my trust is in my own personal observations. My parent’s dead dog came back and visited them both, and that’s good enough for me! :smiley:


Give us the story!!!


there is nothing i can add to this post…

every living thing has a soul, as per father pacwa.

only humans have immortal souls

if God chooses certain animals to be with us in the afterlife then that is the way it is

so following this logic; could there be sharks & crocodiles in heaven?

well, why not; just because they view humans as prey?

pets, farm animals, your favourite cute chipmunk, sweet singing wild songbirds; that hang out in your yard & eat your bread crumbs: ?

will they make it to heaven? ; i’ll leave that up to God who has promised that everything you need to be happy will’ve been provided to you in heaven


As much as I’d love to think that my Kota will be with me in heaven, I think it’s just useless sentimentality.

We won’t even have our spouses as our spouse. Why would we have our pets?


Perhaps we won’t remember each other either… We’ll be mind wiped :anguished:


I think we’ll all just be so pre occupied with God we won’t even notice the soul next to us


Like zombies or moths going towards the light :drooling_face: :bulb:


The book is the book. No Church or person makes up the answers. So what is he was well educated and care for the lord? So do lots of people but we still disagree on things.


My mom and dad had two little dogs, miniature schnauzers, Schatzi and Jinx. Schatzi passed away first. She was Jinx’s mother. Jinx was quite the dog. Very personable, with an unusual, distinctive bark. You could pick Jinx out of a crowd of dogs by his bark. In the end, Jinx developed cancer and he was euthanized. That was really hard on mom and dad. They were very attached to their little Jinxie.

That night, about 10 pm, mom was sitting up in bed reading when she was suddenly startled by Jinx’s loud, distinctive bark right beside her bed! She knew it was Jinx. There’s no mistaking that bark. And it was inside the room with her, on the floor right next to the bed. She couldn’t believe her ears, yet she knew it was Jinx. She even told him, “Go to the light Jinx! Go to the light!” Years later when she was telling me about this, she said, “I don’t know if he understood me, but I thought I should tell him anyway!”

The next day at breakfast, mom debated whether she should tell dad what had happened. My father was a total atheist who believed in nothing and would ridicule her for her religious beliefs. But Mom decided she couldn’t keep this to herself any longer. She finally told him, “I heard Jinx last night. I heard him bark next to the bed. I know it was him. I don’t care if you think I’m crazy, I know what I heard!” Dad just sat there silently staring at her before replying, “I know. I heard him, too. I was afraid to say anything. I didn’t want you to think I was nuts!” He had heard Jinx’s bark right next to the recliner he was sitting in while watching TV in the den about 1 am.


No other paranormal activity before or after?


Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in heaven!

You need more than that?

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