Animals do have immortal souls


It wouldn’t be the same without you :anguished:


Yes there was. My mother got shoved from behind in the kitchen. I lived in that house for many years and nothing ever happened to me. Mom thought the house was a portal. :grin:


Well, either God recalled your dog to give your parents peace or whatever resided in the house was imitating it. Chances are if there was an entity in the house, the dog noticed it first!


It’s one of those two scenarios, for sure. I like to think the dog came back to say goodbye.


My parents current house was demonically infested. It was a disturbing time. It happened before my birth. In a miracle I’ve never heard of before, the entity stared my mother down while she prayed to God the Father. Suddenly, a beam of light engulfed the shimmering form and it was removed from the premises!


Woah!!! Praise God!! Awesome story! Do you know how it became infested?


I’ve investigated but am not sure. The children of the previous owners wouldn’t step foot in the house. They knew something was wrong. No infested items were discovered either. My next door neighbor sensed the entity and refused to ever step foot in our house again. And that was 35 + years ago! She was right!


which animal gets to “go to heaven” when " a pack" of four female lions attack a peacefully accacia leaf grazing huge male giraffe; kill it, devour it & go about their merry way?

the four lionesses? the giraffe?

answer: none of the above


That’s the kind of thing you have to disclose before you sell a house. Lawsuit! :money_mouth_face:


To be fair, if animals do go to heaven, them acting as they were intended (carnivores eating herbivores) wouldn’t be sinful.


Here’s the complete story.


Some people have vivid imaginations. I had a few dreams which gave me the false impression that they were real events. Even after waking up, I had a difficult time believing that what had occurred in the dream did not occur in reality. Without video and sound evidence, no one is going to believe that the ghost of a dead dog came back to haunt his human masters.


According to Holy Scripture, there are horses in heaven.


Nice try, but both of my parents heard the dog bark at 10pm and 1am, and it took place in different areas of the house. They were both wide awake.


Human testimony is notoriously inaccurate in many cases. People have testified to seeing green men with three eyes and two antennas emerge from an alien spaceship shaped like a flying saucer.


Those people are nuts. Unlike my parents.


So your dog rose from the dead and communicated with your parents with his familiar bark?


What about Christ’s second coming and the restoration of creation. Will the creatures who had died also be restored in the new creation?


I didn’t say he rose from the dead. But they did hear his bark. They weren’t imagining it, and I have no explanation for it, but it happened.


Well if a dead dog was barking from beyond the grave, it would mean that he had risen from the dead or that it was the ghost of the dog trying to communicate from the beyond? Generally, I don’t think that the Roman Catholic religion allows for the existence of animal ghosts which can communicate with the living on earth. Perhaps some other religion does?

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