Animals do have immortal souls


He had an extraordinary grace from God.


We’ve had several of our deceased animals return to let us know they were okay. One was our Bicentennial kitty, Baby Marie. I was at Church while Mama stayed home. She opened the door to my room and saw Marie sitting in her fav place. “Oh, hello, Marie,” she said and closed the door. It suddenly hit her that Marie had passed away 3 weeks earlier. She opened the door again and Marie was gone.

Shortly after we got our dog, Nyssa, the power went out due to an ice storm. We were without power for a month. The day the temperatures rose to 10F, I ventured out to the living room and was getting ready to sit on the couch when I saw our dog, Bonnie, who’d passed away the previous month, lying there curled up like she did when she was alive. She stayed there for 30 minutes with six week old Nyssa barking the whole time. The indention from where Bonnie was remained for some time after she faded away and the place was warm. Since there was no power in the house, that couldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been there.


Where is the proof that animals and humans have souls?


Please reconsider the next time you intend to question the motives of so great a genius(not to mention a Saint) as St Thomas Aquinas. His work may not be Holy Writ, but he has few equals when it comes to the application of intellectual powers to solving the questions of faith. Aquinas was not out to make a name for himself in the world. He was trying to clarify many areas of thought for Christians, and for this we should be grateful, not rancorously scornful.


Yes! Thank you!


Also, he’s a Doctor of the Church


Why are you so skeptical that these things happen? If BT says it happened, it happened just as the examples I gave of my pets did. Whether the Church allows for this or not isn’t the subject of this thread. Animals having immortal souls is.


How is that trolling? Uncomfortable questions do not imply trolling.


The question is not uncomfortable, and nor does it cause discomfort. To go on a Catholic forum and demand proof for the existence of the soul is the definition of trolldom. Read Aquinas if you honestly require an answer to your question. Otherwise, please refrain from your ludicrous attempts at baiting.


Who has demanded anything? I asked. It’s clear you have a dog in this fight, otherwise you wouldn’t react in such a hostile way to what’s basically a simple honest question

An assertion was made by the OP. I asked a question completely on topic. How is that trolling? Did I miss something?


I said he was brilliant. I recognize that. But he was not infallible. His writings are not dogmas of the Church. The topic of animal souls is theological speculation, just like the limbo of infants. You can believe it or not. None of us knows.

Most people’s opinion on animal souls comes from Aquinas. He is just one man with an opinion, just like the rest of us. He couldn’t possibly know if animal souls go on after death unless God revealed that to him.


Exactly, lilypadrees. And your testimony was amazing! Many people have had these kinds of experiences.


His opinions are more than mere speculation.


So your dead pets rise from the grave and come back from the beyond to communicate with their owners? Does that happen with dead humans too, or is it only with your dead pets?


I wouldn’t go that far. It is true, however, that many people have only their pets for companionship and a sense of understanding, however base; taking a holier-than-thou attitude isn’t any way to try and approach those people concerning the creatures that are very often the only source of affection that they can count on.


I believe that we’ll see our animals in some fashion after we die; if nothing else, those animals existed in the mind of God and still do, and so already have a form of immortality in that alone. We also know that God doesn’t make throwaway junk.

I don’t exactly know how, but I do believe they’ll still be around, or at least, the “living idea” of them, present with us forever if we make our good choices.


Oh yeah? Tell it to the Pope.
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I suppose that if you take the verses in Chapter 19 of Revelation about horses in heaven literally, you have only one hand and one eye, right? And back to Chapter 19 of Revelation, it must be pretty painful for Jesus’ eyes to be on fire, and oh, I suspect that retching that sword out of his mouth might have been a bit unpleasant too.

No, sorry, the bible does not tell us there are horses in heaven.

That’s not to say that there aren’t or couldn’t be if God so desired, but the bible doesn’t support that view.


This illustrates why atheists and other non-Christians have a problem with the Bible. There are so many things in the Bible that even Christians say are only metaphorical or hyperbolic expressions.


Not really the point of the conversation.

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