Animals do have immortal souls


Do you know how to cook lamb? Maybe we could sell the meat? :thinking:


i certainly do know how to cook lamb;

from some anecdotal sources i’ve read

Jesus’ favorite sources of protein, while HE lived amongsts us was fish & lamb

plus Jesus had no issue with a sip of wine ( or two, or three…)


I believe the horses refer to prophecy in Revelation. Judgment delivered, so probably on earth. The Lamb in Revelation is Christ. Isaiah references the wolf lying with the lamb in the new creation. I believe the interpretation is about harmony and peace, but could also be literal.


And lions that eat grass


Horse and rider. This is a body that is mastered by the will. Horses without riders with various symbolic adornments are bodies obedient or mastered by the will of another. Legend has it that Christ nocked Paul off his horse on the road to Damascas. A chariot is seversl people driven by one or more masters. A will that is slave to sin is not the jockey but another has taken the reigns.


Brian, what about the new earth? C, mon, what’s a new earth without new animals. Still, individuals aren’t species unto themselves but no longer subject to futility and decay. No evolution it seems but perhaps new creations poppin into being here and there makin it exciting for the immortals. :wink:


It depends on what you mean by wine. I drank some homemade wine that was very watery and more like grapejuice or non-alcoholic wine which has alcohol but in very small quantities. Similarly, I read from a Baptist pastor that the wine that Jesus drank was very watery and not really the same as the stronger alcoholic wine we see today. How do you know that the wine that Jesus drank was not a wine which was low in alcohol?


i don’t know

samarian wine probably had as much alcohol as roman wine

which is almost identical to “modern” wine which is roughly 10% -15% ABV


Do you have any idea what dogs do for us? Protect us, guide our disabled, aid our law enforcement. Dogs deserve appreciation, no they aren’t gods but if the loves of dogs disgusts you that’s just sad.


Judges 9:13

But the vine said to them, ‘Shall I stop producing my wine that cheers gods and mortals, and go to sway over the trees?’

Ecclesiastes 2:3

I searched with my mind how to cheer my body with wine—my mind still guiding me with wisdom—and how to lay hold on folly, until I might see what was good for mortals to do under heaven during the few days of their life.

I think they had some of the good stuff in the back.


You can appreciate animals. However, animals have their place and we shouldn’t cross this line. It disgusts me when they’re treated like humans.

Watch this documentary and you’ll see how people living in the wilderness understand animals.


They bit me in the leg as I was riding my bicycle.




My pants were ripped and ruined and I suffered mental and physical pain by being bitten by a vicious dog as I was riding my bicycle. And this has happened more than once.


Not cool :confused: That’s why we have lawsuits!


It is difficult to sue a stray dog with no identification. Further, even if I were successful, I suspect that I would have a difficult time getting an unemployed dog to pay the damages of stitches, medical care, rabies vaccine, psychological trauma, and the cost of my pants. So I would be out more time and money for nothing.


A soul is generally taken to mean the animating principle of a creature. You are alive and cognizant because you have a soul. The latin word for soul is “anima”. Our soul animates us if you will. Do you want scientific proof? Here is a good article:

The article is written from a secular point of view, but corroborates with the Catholic account quite nicely.

It sounds very much like the Catholic idea of a soul going to heaven or hell after death. Based on this I would say that heaven and hell could be in other another dimensions?


Well in that case I suppose that you’re stuck. Hopefully, they’ll euthanize the beast.


OK, but one or two of the posters on this thread claim that dogs can come back from the dead and bark at you. I said that I did not believe that was possible, but I got this response from one of the posters:


What is recreated is not immortal but mortal.

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