Animals Forced to Fight

Please remember in your prayers animals that are forced to fight and other abused creatures of God. Thank you.

They are in my prayers…

Prayer for Human Responsibility:

O Lord God, our heavenly Father, Who hast bidden us be merciful,
as Thou art merciful, and without Whom not a sparrow falls to the ground;
continue, we pray Thee, to lead by Thy Spirit,
Thy Church into all the Truth as to Thy will for our fellow creatures,
the animals,
and teach us more and more to deal with them in all ways as Thou wouldst have us do.
If in anything we are offending against them, and so against Thee,
through the hardening force of custom,
or through want of thought and of diligent study of Thy Word,
make this, too, clear to us, and for our souls’ health,
convict us of these our sins of ignorance.
Purge the life of society of all cruelty that may lurk in the quest of our food,
in the pride of dress, in the excitement of sport,
and in the pursuit of knowledge and in circuses and menageries,
and that resulting from our own selfishness or neglect,
since animals are often more loyal to us than we to them.

And particularly we pray Thee for those engaged in the blessed work of healing,
that they may not stain the Christ-likeness of their devotion
by callousness towards any of Thy creatures,
but may be led by Thy Holy Spirit into all knowledge needful for their art
by ways that shall not add to the groaning and travailing of Thy creation,
or grieve Thy fatherly heart;
through Him Who is Light from Light,
and Love from Love,
Jesus Christ our Lord.


Dom Ambose Agius OSB, MA

:signofcross: thank you this reminder.

My prayers - may St Francis, the patron of animals, intercede for them :crossrc:


Dear St. Francis, keep all animals and especially those who suffer in any way constantly in your prayers …Amen

I pray for all the people who organise and promote animal fighting, for those who provide and train the animals, for all those who attend the fights, that they may be healed and turn away from this. Let their hearts be broken, Lord.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of St. Francis



St. Francis, keep the creation of God, those He gave us the responsiblity to care for, safe in your blessings. Strike those who do harm to the creatures we share life with a new heart to turn from their evil folly.

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