Animals sensing spirits?

I have read many accounts of people who have had good and bad spirits in their homes, and in every case, (where the owner has a pet of some kind), they can always sense the spirit and know where it is at all times. Ive heard cats in particular are the most sensitive to the spirit world, many have said cats live their lives with a foot(paw) in the spirit world.

Im just curious how and why animals have this ability? Is it solely for our benefit, or ?

Does the bible or any other book ever talk about this, or explain why it is?

Pax Christi!

There’s a lot of anecdotal material out there; I’ve noticed it myself. Traditionally occult types like cats.

God bless.

The Bible says,

Lo, thy lambs and thy beasts of burden shall retreat from a spirit. They shall stampede to escape a spirit of Elvis.

Obviously, I’m joking. But the passage (even without the part about Elvis) seems absurd (as it should).

In every case?

Perhaps those whose cats did not react were not inclined to tell the story that their cats did not react. If I have a potted plant in my house, and it did not bloom (or wither) in the presence of a good/bad spirit, would I bother to mention it? “Hey, I’ve got a bad spirit in my house, but my plants do just fine. And my toaster still works. And my cats sleep all day.” I don’t think so.

My own cats (I have four) sometimes seem to be suddenly fixated on some point in space. Are they seeing a “spirit?” Or, had they glimpsed a fruit-fly that I had not noticed?

The question begs the further question: how does the homeowner “know” that there is a good or bad spirit present (and not simply a fruit-fly)?

This is nothing but silly superstition, without any credible or verifiable basis.

True, but in the cases of the person knowing there is something strange in the house, they have seen animals focus on a spot, growling, barking, at that spot, so, this tells me they can literally see the spirit and where it is.

But since they have this ability, and probably always have, I guess it would be almost common for them to see such things, Im assuming they can tell if it is evil as well, since many animals seem to act aggressively in their presence.

I would be curious at ‘what’ the animals are seeing though.

I don’t believe it. Its just wishful thinking by pet owners!

I saw a program on Discovery channel or something like it that showed a dog and a cat in their respective nursing home would go to the room of a dying patient. Often here was no other indicator that the person was going to die.

That may be something different than what you are asking about; the animals may smell something that humans cannot detect. When a friend got pregnant I asked her if her dog behaved differently and she said he has suddenly started sitting next to her and staring at her and following her around more than usual. That was even before my friend knew she was pregnant.

Well, there is a story about the donkey of Balaam in Numbers 22… Thus it would seem that at least one non-human animal has seen at least one spirit… I doubt that the Church has much more to say about this question. And what difference would it make? Someone who has problems with evil spirits needs to find an exorcist, not a cat…

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