Animals You Eat: Bad Meat!

Please view the *You Tube *video *Animals You Eat: Bad Meat! *and explain to me how Catholics can be a part of this. This planet and all creatures in it are gifts from God. When we abuse animals, when we partake in pollution, when we degrade the planet/environment, we disrespect God. My Catholic Church speaks of Respect for Life–but we must respect ALL of life, ALL of God’s gifts, ALL of God’s creation. Catholics must stand up for the Repect of ALL of life, ALL that God has created–we are the STEWARDS of the planet. Watch this video and you will not feel like a steward–you will feel the tarnish, you will feel God’s disapproval.

You sound more like a PETA & environmentalist activist than a Catholic. As I trust you know, God gave humans dominion over the animals of the earth. They are to be used for our needs, either through food, work, clothing or enjoyment.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the cattle, and over all the wild animals and all the creatures that crawl on the ground.” (Man is here presented as the climax of God’s creative activity; he resembles God primarily because of the dominion God gives him over the rest of creation. )

While I do not agree with or condone cruelty to animals, we are the only “animal” that was made in God’s image. Having had relatives who grew up on farms, animals are for our bidding, eating, etc. Yes, many animals have died in the name of science so that we can have medicines that save HUMAN life.

If you are truly outraged, then make sure you are purchasing organic meats etc. This will give you comfort knowing that you are not supporting the cruelty that occurs with veal, beef and other animal products.

Its okay to be outraged but know God weeps for all His children who are murdered violently in an abortion. God weeps for all His children who do not see anything wrong with abortion, adultery, stealing, murder, and so many other sins. God weeps for us becasue we do not turn to Him, our loving Father.

The animals I eat are good meat.

I’m at the top of the food chain. I eat faus gras, shark fin soup & I take my steak mid-rare.

What?! You burn it?! :bigyikes:

:stuck_out_tongue: Gee, you must be a steak tartar man :smiley:

Not necessarily. I just like my steak such that If I decide not to eat it, there’s a chance that the steer will recover.

Eating red meat is not bad for you.

Eating fuzzy green meat is bad for you.



The meat I eat is very good!

I love it. :thumbsup:
I always say, that I want don’t want my steak to moo, but I want it to remember that it used to.

Red meat, lets eat.

And my doctor agrees. I am anemic, nothing better than red meat. Except for today since it is Friday.

I think there are legitimate reasons to be disturbed by modern methods of factory farming. But you can avoid those problems by buying your meat directly from a farmer and letting a meat locker do the processing. This allows you to check out how the animal is raised to ease any ethical qualms. Of course, you’ll probably want to have deep freeze and you may want to partner up with a couple other families to divide the meat, since a single cow will yield a lot of food. :slight_smile:

This is easier to do if you live near a rural area, but with a bit of research and travel I think it is do-able just about anywhere.

This is not consistent with what the Catholic Church teaches. Being a vegetarian falls into the area of prudential judgment. To claim that eating meat, which Christ Himself did, is somehow evil is utterly ridiculous.

To other readers I would add that this person is pasting this message in several of his (few) other posts.

  1. I don’t “Abuse” animals, I “use” them :slight_smile:

  2. I must confess, I don’t really get this all this “poor animals” stuff. It is OK for one animal to kill and eat another animal. And when a lion hunts a gazelle, believe me, it is a mess. But it is not OK for me to go out and buy some pork, and the pig was killed in an instant by the butcher (as opposed to struggling gazelle…). Perhaps we should also force other animals to become vegetarian???

  3. If you go with this “animals suffer”… you should go protesting against plane flights. Because during each plane flight few hundreds of flies are “murdered” by the plane’s engines. Why is PETA not protesting against airline companies? Just because flies are not as cute as lamb? Or perhaps they do consider flies less valuable than dogs/dolphins? But in that case, why don’t they consider dogs less valuable then humans?

I could go on, but it’s late here…

(sorry for my bad English)

I’ve noticed this as well. He inserts this into topics that are completely on something else as well. I think he is a troll with an agenda.:cool:

None of what he says about this is consistent with Catholic teaching.:cool:

Ignore him.:wink:

I ate fuzzy green meat for 25 years and it never :jrbirdman:, never :whackadoo:, never :choocho: affected me.

Please view the video before you reply. If God presented this to you, and asked for your deeply thought response, you would make it into a joke? It is **impossible **to respond to this thread unless you view the video. If you are a person of depth, I and the community of God’s children, would appreciate you taking the time to seriously consider how our modern ways and manufacturing processes disrespect God and God’s creation. You can not do a movie review without seeing the movie first, or a book review without reading the book. This topic requires a response based on the viewing of the You Tube video: Animals You Eat: Bad Meat!

Okay, I have seen it now. This is my serious response.

I have some experience with dairy farming, and the conditions shown and described do not exist on any dairy farm I have ever seen. This does not give me confidence that the producers of this video have not likewise selectively chosen the most sensational atypical video that they could find in regards to other farming and food processing methods.

And Marfran posted this video because he is a troll with an agenda. :shrug:


I didn’t say that. He or she may be quite sincere in his convictions. My comments refer to the video only, not the OP.

Which does not exclude the possibility that you may be correct.

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