Animated Map of Unemployment Rates in the US

Here is something to pray about. :eek:

See the map

wow, that really cool, and very alarming. Thank you for sharing. I think I will pass this on to others.

Forward that to Obama.


I sent it to everyone I know.

It only goes to september… when unemployment was 8.9%… geesh… now its 10.2.

That is insane. And liberals can’t blame Bush any more. Its on Obama now.

I have it engraved in my head, the black counties are wherever I have family members. No one in my extended family in Michigan has worked full time in a job with benefits for over 4 years. All are scrabbling, a couple have lost their homes, others are on the brink. The only one with a solid job is my nephew who works for a collection agency foreclosing on mortgages.

I wonder what kinds of jobs are in northern Alaska. Hardly anyone lives in that county…

That’s what we call “hope and change we can believe in”, kids. :wink:

Actually, if you read the text under the map, it indicates when the recession started…clearly while Bush was still in office.

Plus, if I might just add…give Obama some time. You can’t expect it to take less than a year to magically fix something that took more than a year to occur under the Bush administration.

:hmmm: I don’t remember anyone giving Bush the same treatment when he took over after the recession started under Clinton.

This didn’t happen entirely under Bush. This mess got started way back under President Reagan, and it really got going under Clinton when all of that NAFTA and free trade nonsense gained promenence.

Bush didn’t come into office with nearly the level of critical economic issues that Obama did. And what exactly did Bush do to get this country out of debt, anyway?

No understanding when a Republican is in office. Now, with Obama in newspaper reporters actually write about the good parts of funemployment. Sick and unfair-but usual.

So what you’re essentially saying is that you’re putting it all on Obama to fix in less than a year, after it took us decades to get into this mess?

TAX CUTS! Same as Kennedy did in office. Age old, tried and true-let people use the money they earn. The map is awesome and I will pass it along to all I know.

Politicians get a very short time to improve things, or we vote them out. Democracy. The Dems will lost control of the House over this.

Thanks for the map. I’ve been reading about the percentage unemployed being in the double digits for a long time now, but it’s even scarier to visually see it spreading like a cancer.

Not at all. I’m saying that previous administrations drove us into debt using a horse and cart, while Obama is driving us into debt using a supersonic bullet train.

I’m not an Obama fan. But I have to agree here. This trend has been going on for sometime now. As for any turnaround. I wouldn’t look for anything like “the good old days” What ever new jobs are produced. Will mostly be along the lines of, subsistance wages. I hope I’m wrong of course.

That “tried and true” bandaid won’t stem the flow of this hemorrhage I’m afraid. When Bush (“W”) sent checks out, folks used the money to pay down dept, which is smart. But It doesn’t have the sort of quick-time benifits he was looking for. The ones who did spend it. Bought products from china etc. Also not real helpful. You can’t really blame the politicians for this one. It’s our fault. Plain and simple. Take your bite and pass it along.:rolleyes:

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