Animated movie: Cars

Any other fans of Pixar’s “Cars”? I’m not ashamed to say I’m hooked. I love the whole thing: characters, animation (superb!), music, premise, plot–everything!

funny that we were just talking about Pixar movies today at lunch. One of my co-workers said that it was his current favorite. It’s a great movie and I bet it’s really popular with the NASCAR community.

I myself am waiting for a really good scifi flick.

Well, I have little interest in NASCAR myself. Races bore me to tears unless I’m there and have a betting interest. I’ve only been to one car race in the whole of my 59 years, which tells you how often I’ve bet. :slight_smile:

No. The film appeals to people like me because the story is so good and so true. It’s the best Pixar has ever done, IMHO. Even better than Finding Nemo.

I myself am waiting for a really good scifi flick.

Me too! I won’t go to these slasher/gore fests that pass for sci-fi. In fact, I’m working on a screenplay–a sequel to “The Thing from Another World.” I have no idea if it will sell and actually be made, but at least I can enjoy a good sci-fi film in my own imagination since there aren’t any good ones at the theaters.

Yep, we like Cars over here too. We are also NASCAR fans. :slight_smile: I like the fact that the movie has a good moral story to it. Not to mention the animation is good. They are getting better and better with the computer animation.

I love the Pixar movies!! Unfortunately, I’ve only seen Cars once, but I still loved it! I think my favorite Pixar movie is the Incredibles… followed closely by all the rest of them!

The Incredibles is hilarious! :smiley: I love the outtake with Jack Jack and the babysitter. You have to have the dvd to see it. The phone conversation about that scene is also hilarious. I thought they did a fairly good representation of a real family.

My son was 10, maybe 11, when “Cars” came out and ever since then, his dream vacation has been to drive Route 66! Last fall we drove the Albuquerque, NM to Kingman, AZ stretch (we were headed for Buckskin Mountain State Park near Parker) and next summer or fall we want to go from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City. Someday, he wants to do the WHOLE trip (better make sure we save up the vacation time!)

What was cool, though, was when we headed out of Albuquerque and just when we saw the “Historic Route 66” sign on the highway, the radio started playing “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts! We cranked it up and sang along!

loved it, watched it umptteen times with grandson who is a true son of NC, and loves Cars, Nascar, and anything connected (he is 3). esp. because we saw many times as kids dad’s home movies of his and mom’s honeymoon trip along Rte 66 to CA to take up wartime jobs in Hollywood, and their tales of the trip, a real adventure. the old motel in the movie looks like the one in their snapshots. also have driven several segments of 66 that have been preserved or restored, although I never did like the TV show that much. get your kicks kookie, lend me your comb

Cars got me all ramped up about Route 66, too. Especially the DVD’s bonus feature about the inspiration for the film. I’ve told my dh that we’ll have to hitch up the Scamp and take a trip along Route 66 as soon as we can. That may not be any time soon, but it’d make a great snowbird retirement trip, wouldn’t it?

I LOVE CARS!!! I didn’t think I’d like it at first but now I really do. It comes out on bluRay dvd this week I think. We bought a PS3 and it will play those if you have the cord, I think this movie might make us buy the cord so we can watch it in Hi-Def. It really is a cute movie though. If you are a big fan of Disney World, they are going to theme the Indy car tomorrowland ride after Cars soon. They are also changing Disney MGM studios park to Disney Pixar park. They already have life size McQueen & Mater cars that drive around. I can’t wait to see if they make another ride out of it!

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