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Do you people like the anime called Elfen Lied? I heard some people rant on how it was poorly written, how the main character is evil, how the characters are flat and what not and I just couldn’t help but write my thoughts here. I couldn’t disagree more with them as in my opinion, Elfen Lied is my most favorite anime ever, well, except for Evangelion but still. Note: there are SPOILERS here so I suggest watching the anime first. Its only 13 episodes (14 if you count the OVA 10.5) and can be seen here:

On the subject that it was poorly written, the writing has some otherwise minor flaws which are few and far in between. For example, I never liked how Yuka was so clingy and jealous of Kouta. Maybe if she was slightly jealous I could buy it but I never buyed into the idea that she would be jealous of Kouta and Nyu falling for each other. Some ‘flaws’ are completely unjustified. They say that despite Lucy killing many innocent people, the writing tried to manipulate us into liking her even though her actions are unforgivable and that she still continues to be a monster despite her intentions.

To this, I say that even though Lucy did kill innocent people when she was young, eventually culminating in that infamous scene, she learned that it isn’t the right way and in fact, the only people in the current timeline that she does murder are all threatening to kill her. She only crossed the moral event horizon in the current time the story took place when she dismembered Nana after the threat was defeated for no reason at all and even then, when she gets ‘scolded’ (the word scolded used being an understatement here), she runs off and in the end, she tells Nana to live the life that she herself couldn’t live. All her life, Lucy wanted to get forgiveness for her greatest sin and even avoids getting into fights if she wants to.

As for Lucy being a villain, that is her point. Lucy is so miserable, so dejected, so absolutely utterly broken on the inside that other than seeking forgiveness and wanting to be loved, she has no dream. If it weren’t for Kouta, she doesn’t have a reason to live. She is not a villain but more of an anti-villain. The series shows that she can be cruel and ruthless but that she is fundamentally a good person at heart. As for the characters being flat, none of the characters reacts lightly to important events and Kouta himself has a dark and troubled past and his and his cousin’s interactions with Nyu and Lucy are rather cute and heartwarming.

The anime’s biggest flaw though? The ending. Not that it was bad, far from it. In fact, the last episode of the anime was one of the best things I ever saw in anything and it was the first time I truly cried at seeing a film or reading a book. The flashback that happens in the last episode just made me tear up, it was really, really well done. The thing is, the ending sort of left a feeling that adventure had to continue. SPOILER ALERT HERE!!! FOR THE REST OF THE PARAGRAPH!!! What happens to the other diclonious in the facility? Did Lucy really make it out alive? What about the human race?

Seriously, if they had a second season to wrap things up, Elfen seriously could be called one of the greatest works of fiction ever and not simply one of the best anime out there. So what do you guys think of Elfen Lied?

I love Elfen Lied. It’s been a long time since I watched it though and I only watched it once all the way through. I’ve never heard people say it’s bad, I’ve only ever heard good things about it.
I guess I can only go by my general impression of everything and not really get into specifics since it’s been so long since I watched it.
I liked it because of the atmosphere. Sure the characters were weird and offputting…you mentioned yuka being so jealous. I agree there. But, I think the point of that was to really put the emphasis on how bad people can be. They’re showing the bad sides of everyone pretty much. Even good characters are thrown into bad situations and make wrong choices and are shown as weak, manipulated, etc.
The new species that has come on the scene are all girls with pink hair. Pure evil Lucy turns into innocent Nyu. It’s a good/evil dichotomy being explored to the two extremes. Basically it’s saying…what if pure innocence(cute little girls with pink hair) were given ultimate power? What would happen? Well, if it were in a perfect world, nothing bad…but innocence is corrupted, bullied, taken advantage of, scorned, jailed…and pure evil results. I guess if I think about it, it’s saying that everyone has this dichotomy in them…yuka is jealous but she also wants to take care of Nyu. The father/scientist uses Nana but still cares about his daughter. The extreme examples of Nana who is self sacrificing and Lucy who is destructive and nihilistic are the two paths people can take in response to evil in their lives and in themselves.
That’s just my take on what it’s about. It’s a hard anime to watch because of the violence and stuff and it’s pretty depressing…but what makes it a great story is that you watch despite all that because there is real tenderness and feeling and depth.

Yeah, Elfen Lied was pretty hard to watch at first, I disagree with Lucy being evil tohugh. She doesn’t enjoy killing people as the anime shows and the only time she does smile is when she is butchering Bando and Nana and even with Nana, she repents and later on saves her.

just because she doesn’t enjoy killing people doesn’t mean she’s not evil…she kills people for selfish reason, for jealousy etc.

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