ANIME: Ergo Proxy

Has anyone here seen the anime Ergo Proxy and would like to discuss it? It really makes ya think…

I’ve only seen the first episode (and that was a while back) but it looked interesting. If you like the style, try watching Texhnolyze, but be careful – it’s a huge downer. The manga Blame! and pretty much everything else Tsutomu Nihei has ever touched is also definitely worth checking out, though that’s a good bit more actiony.

I can’t seem to get away from you, can I? :wink: I’ve only seen one episode of Texholynze and it looked good. You can check out the full season of Ergo Proxy here complete with English subs:

I will forewarn you that some episodes make you go “WTF! Were they on opium when they wrote this?!?” But overall, the series has many allusions to philosophy and religion, sometimes the answers beg more questions.

What are your favorite animes?

I’m familiar with typical anime plotting :o

What are your favorite animes?

Haibane Renmei, Serial Experiments: Lain, Studio 4C’s Comedy (a ten-minute fairytale short), Robot Carnival, Jin-Roh, Paranoia Agent; for manga, like I said above, anything Tsutomu Nihei’s ever done. I don’t watch a whole lot of anime nowadays so I might be missing a few :slight_smile:

I haven’t really got into manga but it would be good to check him out. The manga/anime I really wanna see is Death Note. I’ve only heard but one of the animes listed: Paranoia Agent. I saw it on Adult Swim awhile back and enjoyed. I really like that anime/manga pushes original thought yet creates believable realistic characters. My fav animes are: Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell among others. Oh yeah! You can also watch Ergo Proxy every Friday at midnight on Fuse TV.

One more question: Did you ever have an anime/manga crush?

Man, Ergo Proxy must be my favorite anime. I had first seen it when my brother got his hold of it a year or so back. I thought to myself, well, the title seems interesting, and I don’t have anything else to do, so why not?
I was blown away after the first few episodes. The plot is great and requires continues viewer attention, since it’s not difficult to get lost the first time you see it. The setting is fantastic as well. But the best part is the character development and the philosophy they incorporate, as well as the symbolism of the characters and their actions in the context of the philosophical background.
A must see.

…About killing the idiots that wrote it.

No, I’m sorry…I just hate those words, “it makes you think.” It makes me wanna say, “If you need a TV show to make you think, shouldn’t you be in the care of professionals?”

I’m not directing that at you; I just hate when people say it. It’s one of those things lots of people say that sounds stupid if you actually look at its meaning.

As to Ergo Proxy, I thought it was a convoluted, badly-paced rehash of the plots from the Appleseed manga–and the art’s ugly.

It alludes to philosophy and religion…but doesn’t really get into any depth. The only philosophy I’ve ever seen an anime do justice to is existentialism, and I admit they do, in fact, get that spot-on. Gaara from Naruto, Sanzo from Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Valgaav from Slayers TRY, heck even Barry the Chopper from FullMetal Alchemist–all perfectly existentialist, and yet wholly believable (admittedly Sanzo’s is Zen-Existentialist, but that’s like saying Catholic-Phenomenologist).

Except Shinji, from Evangelion. Angsting every time you start to do something, in such a manner as to make it likely everyone you care about will die, is not existentialist; it’s just moronic.

But has anyone noticed his dad looks like Dr. Venture, but with hair?

Taht seems like a rash judgement. I mean,why is a tv show any different from any other form of artistic expression? If a book can make you think, why can’t a movie or a play or yes even a tv show. That reponse seems a bit narrowminded. Also, Dr. venture is supposed to be a twisted parody on Dr Quest from Johnny quest. I guess Ikari and Venture are similar in that they are both Doctors who are quite bitter and alienate their children. But unlike Ikari, Venture is a complete hack who’s scientific experience fail like half the time.

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