Anime question

Ok so I just recently got into watching “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and I think it is a pretty carefree anime that I enjoy. Now the only problems I see are two that I just would like an outside source to talk about.

First is the godlike vibe toward Haruhi characters in the story gives. Which for me isn’t really at all scratching my faith at all. However I do want to know if it would be considered a sin to simply watch a show that has this as a main plot even if you brush it off as nothing?

Another problem is the in my opinion; light sexual comedy in the show. I’ve seen a few episodes and it’s expected in at least once in every episode, but like I said one sentence before from what i’ve seen so far it’s just in name of comedy.

I really would like the opinion of someone who has watched the show, but anyone can make a response.

Well, I haven’t seen the show but I’ve been reading the translations of the novels on the internet. You’ve gotta love Kyon, really.

About Haruhi-as-God… it’s a completely alternate universe, I don’t think there’s any blasphemy intended there. As to the sex as comedy, Haruhi making Mikuru dress up in slutty outfits and groping her is shown as Not OK (even if it’s hilarious), so I wouldn’t think there’d be any problem with that either.

thanks for the response; now I can acually enjoy it without thinking to much.

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