Ann Coulter outrages Latinos

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has sparked outrage after publishing a column in which she describe Latinos as a lazy underclass.
In a piece titled ‘America reaches el tipping pointo,’ Coulter goes on an extended tirade, blaming Latinos for the nation’s plight and placing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s recent loss largely on their backs.

Very tasteless and rude comments, but I’m not surprised that she said them. Coulter doesn’t deserve public attention. It’s certainly not the first tasteless comment she’s made, and it probably won’t be the last. If I were a Republican, I would be annoyed with people like Coulter because she just makes the party look bad. You don’t want those kind of people on your side.

For anyone one who is interested in what she really said, the above address will take you to the actual piece that she wrote.

It’s not wise to grab a link off the huffington post or the daily mail and trot it out there as fact.

:thumbsup: It always amazes me how quickly people will believe a negative compared to a positive. Simply amazing. :frowning:

Moral of the thread: Always be more skeptical towards liberal-progressive news sources.

^^Says the person who is basing his/her opinion on an ultra-conservative news source. :rolleyes:

I read BOTH pieces. I think the HP offered not only a correct synopsis of what Ms. Coulter said (although I admit she said it in a much more tasteful way than usual), but they also offered actual statistics to refute her claims. Ms. Coulter seems to have a lot of problem with accuracy.


She achieved her goal – getting attention.

I’d like to trade some lazy citizens of this country for hard-working people who immigrate here from other countries!


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