Anne of Green Gables fans--read this!

If you are a fan of the Anne of Green Gables series (novels), run as fast as you can down to the library or bookstore and pick up a copy of Before Green Gables, by Budge Wilson, Berkley Books, New York, 2008.

This is the prequel to the Anne of Green Gables novels, and it is utterly delightful. As Anne would probably say, “You will be transported to the heights of rapture!”

Seriously, it’s a wonderful book. A great read-aloud book for your family. Beautifully written–I felt that Lucy Maud Montgomery had come back to life and written it. If you’re a mom with babies and toddlers, the chapters are very short, so it’s easy to read during potty breaks.

When you finish reading it, come back to this thread and let’s talk about it!

Thanks for the info, Cat! My daughter loves Anne & has done all of her required summer reading, so I will have to pick it up for her. It might take me a week or 2 to pick it up, though,:o. Thanks again, always looking for great ideas!

Thanks Cat!!! I absolutely LOVED the Anne of Green Gables books as well as all the other books L.M. Montgomery wrote when I was growing up.

Thanks for the info I loved the movie .

All of L. M. Montgomery’s books are my favorites!!! I love them soooo much!! But I don’t really go for books like the new one mentioned above that weren’t written by the original author (such as Scarlett, the sequel to Gone With The Wind, and the various Jane Austen prequels and sequels that continue to pop up). They just don’t seem “real” to me, since someone else wrote them. But that’s just me. I finished reading The Golden Road (the sequel to The Story Girl, both by L. M. Montgomery) today, and loved it. I highly recommend it to all L. M. fans. :thumbsup:

Have you read Before Green Gables?

It’s so much like Montgomery’s writing, it’s uncanny. It’s amazing to me that anyone can write this way in these contemporary times and cultures. The book is like a throwback to a simpler, more restrained and moral time, although she still manages to include the “depth” that is present in the Green Gables series. (This “depth” is missing from so many other children’s books from that time.)

My daughter has read the Green Gables series every year since she was a teenager, and she was the one who highly recommended the prequel to me.

Please give it a try. You can sit at Borders or Barnes and Noble and read it through without paying for it.

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