Anne of Green Gables turns 100

How many people here are familiar with this great classic about a pig-tailed orphanned girl who comes to live in a new home on Price Edward Island? I read all the books and saw the PBS miniseries adaptations of them. I loved the whole thing and would recommend it to anyone. Very good series.

That is an awesome series. I have recently introducted my dd to the series. We watched it on PBS. Excellent!!! She wants the books and wants to watch the shows again. :thumbsup:

When my oldest daughter was in grade school I bought her the first book and she didn’t like it. I even tried reading it out loud, no go. Well, somewhere along the line she stumbled into it again and for her high school graduation wanted the whole set of Anne of Green Gables books! Now as an adult and mommy of three boys, she has also read the diaries of Lucy Maude Montgomery.

I loved the PBS series and never tire of watching it again when it is on tv.

Hehe - I think EVERY kid alive can relate to Anne. I know I can, having been just that sort of slightly dreamy and not-always-totally-practical child (and adult too, I guess…)

I spent an entire summer under our backyard maple tree reading my Mother’s copies of the Anne series. I loved the PBS series, and the Disney Channel did another wonderful one called “Avonlea”. I don’t know if that one is available on DVD, but if it is it would be a wonderful addition to any family collection.

I love the “Anne” books, as well as the “Emily” books, the “Pat” books, and pretty much everything by L.M. Montgomery. She had a gift for telling a story with grace and humor.

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