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Has anyone heard of Anne of Ireland and the apostolate Direction For Our Times? Apparently, Anne receives messages from Jesus and Mary and has put the messages in a 10 volumn set of books. She has the approval of her Catholic Bishop. Have our American Bishops said anything about this? Is it okey to read and disseminate the books?
I know what the Caechism of the Catholic Church says about private revelations in article 67, that we "cannot accept “revelations” that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfillment…"
I abide by what the Church teaches and know that God speaks to us through people, so just pray the messages from Anne are true to our Catholic faith.

According to the visions are alleged to have begun in 1954, and the Church has taken no position at this time. However, hasn’t been updated since 2004, so it’s dosen’t necessarily have reliable information.

Can you give a source of information where you learned about Anne and her visions, or was it just hearsay about her visions being approved? :slight_smile: (I’ll scower the internet for more information)

I found this:

Yesterday I arrived in Ireland and drove ninety minutes northwest of Dublin to the small town of Bailieborough to meet “Anne,” a locutionist of growing fame around the world. (In the the lobby of the Bailie Hotel, I met a Norwegian couple who are here to translate Anne’s many books into their language.)

Along with a friend from Northern Virginia and his 7-year old daughter, I went to a Mass celebrated by Anne’s spiritual director, Fr. Darragh Connolly. Fr. Connolly was ordained in 2002 after graduating from the seminary at Maynooth. He served as a chaplain at the high school in Bailieborough before being officially assigned by the bishop to work with Anne and other members of her apostolate, Director for Our Times.

I spoke with Fr. Connolly after Mass for over an hour about his experience of becoming a priest in the midst of the priest-sex scandal that engulfed Ireland at the time of his ordination. It "impacted everybody, he told me, but it “never impinged upon my decision.” Young, enthusiastic, articulate, Fr. Connolly is one of the priests who represent the “springtime” of our Church.

That evening we attended a prayer service at the local parish, St. Anne’s. This is a monthly event, which includes exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary, and a short presentation by Anne of the monthly “message.” The church was packed and the combined voices during the Rosary were quite loud and contained a note of assertive power.

Anne herself, when she came out to the lecturn, could have been any middle-aged women assigned to arrange the flowers or make sure the microphone was working. She spoke without pretention or histrionics. She spoke plainly from notes, with a firm but peaceful voice which kept my attention throughout, in spite of incipient jet lag.

Anne’s lecture was about the necessity of evangelism in the Church. She addressed the caution that many people feel, at first glance, about her apostolate, explaining to everyone that such caution was a good thing, even quoting the American skeptic Thomas Paine in support of her point.

(read the rest here)

Now, I can tell you a few things about the revelations right off the bat just from this scenario, without judging Anne’s soul, by using Mother Church’s guidelines for the discernment of private revelations:

An un-healthy devotion. Services that are used around visionaries - whether it be a Mass, a benediction, the rosary, or even a Holy Hour - are always, always, ALWAYS red flags. The visionary is never to be celebrated, in any way, shape, or form, and, it is a fact that, if such a celebration were planned, the visionary would hide from the honor, or, even more, God would hide the visionary Himself, becuase a great fruit of private revelation is humility.

Take the examples of Lucia, Fransisco, and Jacinta, the visionaries of Fatima: They did not let themselves be celebrated. They never recited Mary’s words during services. They were humble, simple shephards, and Lucia became a religious sister because she felt God calling her to Mount Carmel.

Take another example, that of Bernetta, the visionary of Lourdes. She did not let herself be called a saint, but rather, she hid herself from the world, even going as far as becoming a member of a religious order: she wanted to hide in Jesus’ Heart, she only wanted God, she didn’t want fame, fortune, power, glory, or honor: Her only treasure was Jesus! Such is the virtue of humility in a soul!

Gravely immoral acts committed by the subject, or his associates, at the time of the facts, or on the occasion of these facts. This would include Anne going up the lecturary and giving her revelations, as well as acting like a priest (praying over someone). The lectuary is exclusively reserved for the Word of God - not for private revelations. Furthermore, only a priest may act like a priest: no one, however holy or great, if they have not been called to the priesthood, especially if they are a woman (for the priesthood is reserved for men, by the commandment of God), cannot act like a priest, and this includes giving blessings; if Mary the Mother of God could not act like a priest, than how can we?

The visionary is showing the usual signs of a false mysticism. Let us pray for her, and pray for God to make a speedy judgment on the matter through His Church, for the salvation of souls! :slight_smile:

They are NOT approved by the Church and in my view are unlikely to be approved. My sister-in-law gave me the 10 volumes and I am not impressed. Several things clearly would not be in line with the Church. However, content of unapproved messages, apparitions etc are banned from forum discussion.
Her messages also started after she came back from Medjugorie which is also unapproved.

Stick to those already approved by the Church.

link to letter from her bishop approving the revelation?


I thought not

I for one find it interesting that Jesus appeared to St. Faustina during prayer throughout her lifetime, and yet she produced only one volume, her diary, which was not even known until after her death. Fatima produced only 3 rather short messages. The messages of Lourdes that Mary actually said can be related on one page. yet alleged visionaries in these unapproved “events” produce 10 volumes (for sale on the website of course) and weekly messages for 20 years.

Never heard off her, and don’t want to read anything associated with that place way out in the east.
Which is a bit strange since someone said they started in 1954, a bit before that unmentionable other place started.

They began in 2003 after she came back from visiting M.

I think it would be wise to wait until the Church has discerned whether these revelations are from God before you listen to the messages. Don’t waste valuable time reading something which may, in the end, prove to be false. Your time would be better spent in the study of the Scriptures and the Catechism.

I never believe in any private revelation until the Church has declared them to be authentic and worthy of belief.

I don’t believe in the stories the women Anne who claims to be witnessing these messages from Christ and other saints in heaven. I’m from Ireland I think it was a few months ago a group come to my school to inform us about the stories of Anne and her experience. I think there is seven people in the group which are mostly American’s one man is Irish from Cork and was on drugs (he scared me and my friend just looking at his face was scary) . However one woman speaks about the way her life has been changed thanks to Anne’s books. She told us that she was in college studying law and she started to take drug and her mom given her this book which Anne wrote. And she was stated she was cured by it. The gives everyone a small book that has some of Anne stories in it. However I do not believe in any of it. And Fr. Connolly “told us that saints in heaven are jealous of HUMANS ON EARTH” what worse of all he really really believes in all of it. She came last year also to my school with Fr. Connolly trying to get more people to go to join the priest hood. However she never spoke about her messages and her books. Not even telling us her story. She’s a lyre. And she has the above group going around to school trying to fool people with her story and a sample of her books. :o

Was referring to post #2, which mentioned 1954:shrug:and the link don’t work for me.

  •   	 			According to []("") the visions are alleged to have begun in 1954, and the Church has taken no position at this time. However, hasn't been updated since 2004, so it's dosen't necessarily have reliable information.

*There was a mistake on the link. I think it must be

As the oldest of the 6 alleged visionaries was only born in 1964 apparitions beginning in 1954 would be pretty hard!!
As for the Church position 3 Bishops Commissions have declared there is NO evidence of any supernatural happenings in Medjugorie and that the alleged seers are frauds.
Local Franciscan priests who have been perpetuating these apparitions as true have been suspended and are not allowed to say Mass or hear Confessions.
Under normal procedures that should have been the end of it but due to continued controversy the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome have taken over for a final decision. Their first act was to suspend another priest at the centre of the alleged apparitions. It seems clear to me that Rome will at some stage endorse the local bishops’ decision and disapprove the apparitions.
By the way, when Pope Benedict was still Cardinal Ratzinger he called Medjugorie a hoax.

As a simple layman it seems easy to realise the apparitions are fake due to the bitterness and division among Catholics over this.
Remember God unites us while Satan divides us.

There is one wonderful result in Medjugorje, daily. It is this: People return to God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The queues at the Confessionals are staggering. People wait for an hour or longer, to avail of the Sacrament. This is surely a strong evidence of CONVERSION. In most parts of our world far too many ‘catholics’ no longer use this wonderful God-given gift. Yet in this place, it is a great testimony of some holy influence. Remember also, 'By their FRUITS you shall know them’ The Fruits are plentiful, and clear to see for anyone who has an open mind.

People who are sceptical can pray for the truth. But why be so scathing in remarks about either the ‘visionaries’ or the place? My suggestion is to go and experience the prayerful atmosphere that exists in Medjugorje before belittling the six visionaries and the parish of Medjugorje’s priests. We are all children of God, and we have no right to judge or condemn others. That is for God alone to do. **
Yes, I am a firm believer of the Holyness of Medjugorje’s Visionaries, because I have been there. PEACE oozes out of every corner there. I am very happy to have had that great experience.

Priests in Medjugore were harrassed, threatened, and at least one, Fr. Jozo was mprisoned for protecting the six young people in the early months of the alleged apparitions. The bishop of the diocese in 1981 was more than happy to announce to all that he believed the events unfolding there. But after Fr. Jozo was imprisoned, the Bishop was threatened, and then he recanted his earlier statements. At that time, everyone was frightened of the communist rulers. **
One priest was suspended in recent years for gross misconduct. At that time he resided in Italy. It is my understanding that the visionary Marija discovered his misconduct, and of course he was suspended. I am not privy to the facts, and of course neither are you. It is indeed a mystery why you are so very negative towards them.

Please read the actual factual information. Tell me what you read in the messages that is contrary to the teachings of Holy Mother Church? **
These are my views, actually my beliefs, but I will always submit to the decision of our Church. :amen:**

Her private revelations (which started after she went to Medjugorie - and that is fake) are not approved by the Church.
We are not allowed to discuss the content of any unapproved private revelations but what I can say is that my sister-in-law bought me the volumes and I read them. There are a number of things in them which contradict Church teachings.
I believe the private revelations of “Anne” to be false.

Hello again Thistle. As I did not refer to Anne, there is no reason for you to repeat that you read her books. I openly told of my experiences of and in Medjugorje. Those who wish to ridicule it as you do, (to put it mildly) ought first to inform themselves fully, on what is happening there with an open mind. When I close my mind regarding any particular person or topic, I hope I also keep a closed mouth on that subject. If I am not prepared to inform myself on events, then I have no right to discuss it, most especially on an open forum such as this one. To me that is called BEING FAIR. :blessyou:
God bless you.**

I see you reactivated a thread which is three years old. Why?

Let’s look at the facts.

Anne’s messages are NOT approved by the Church.

Medjugorie has been extensively investigated by three Bishops Commissions which declared there is no evidence of any supernatural happenings.

What other facts are required to be looked at to be fair?

  1. I came upon your message a few days ago. Why? moving from one link to another searching for an answer to something troubling me.

  2. Again, I state, I have no query or duscussion concerning Anne or the many other ‘alleged seers/visionaries’. My replies to you were on your remarks about Medjugorje.

  3. It is always unfair to criticise people for their beliefs. We may have our thoughts and concerns on issues, but we must not judge them. Is this not the third time I have written this?

As to the FRUITS of Medjugorje there are so many conversion stories well documented they read stranger than fiction. Try researching Fr. Tim Deeter ( may have incorrect spelling of his surname).

Have you heard of Wayne Weible? He was a minister in some ‘Christian’ group, yet another American who became Catholic as a result of Medjugorje?

Heather Parsons, journalist and protestant, sent from Ireland’s National TV channel, to take back proof of the ‘hoax’ sometime in the 1980s. She also is now a Catholic.

Singer David Parkes, at death’s door with advanced Chrones disease…He is still alive and full of the joys of life.

I could go on and on, but I know if you wish to be informed, you will actually research those conversions and countless others yourself, before you continue in your strong disbelief.

For now, take care, goodbye, and God bless you and your loved ones. If you decide to research, I will be happy to hear from you again.

You surely know that no apparition has ever been approved by our church until they are finished? Time will tell what the decision of the church will be regarding Medjugorje. I can promise you one thing; your life can be changed for ever by a visit there. I have been to Lourdes 3 times, but the Peace and Holiness I found in Medjugorje is my little experience of a little bit of Heaven on earth.

Goodbye again.:bible1:

The Church has already made its decision. The local Bishops are the competent Church authority. Three Bishops Commissions have extensively investigated and declared there is no evidence of any supernatural happenings and that the seers are frauds. That IS the Church decision and it stands in full force and effect unless the CDF overturns that decision.
The fact that the Pope (while still Cardinal Ratzinger) called Medjugorie a hoax and the fact that the first action of the CDF was to suspend a priest at the centre of the alleged apparitions gives very clear signals that they will confirm and not overturn the Bishops decision.

I am also curious about what you and others, who clearly think Medjugorie is real, will do if the CDF confirms the decision by the local Bishops!

She IS a big fraud. God help her.

Interesting article:

medjugorje is still under investigation and the seers are not and have not been proven wrong

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