Anne Rice of the 'Vampire Chronicles' and 'Christ our Lord..."

Anne Rice has a list of questions on her web site that she’d like people of faith to answer. It looks like she may be getting some ideas for a new book? Anyway, if you don’t already know, she has returned to the Catholic Church after a long journey and she is committed to ‘writing books for our Lord’. the web address is Scroll down and look to the left for the questions.

Very interesting, I’ll check that out. I was a fan of her Vampire Chronicles. I loved her style of writing, her use of imagery (especially Catholic imagery) and being true to the time period she was writing about, always well researched. And she would always have deep meaning behind her use of the vampire as a metaphor for the outsider.

Glad to see Rice has returned to the Church. I could see as her novels progressed, how she started out as a from a non-believing standpoint in the earlier books like Interview with the Vampire to the later ones like Memnoch the Devil (which has Lestat taking a tour of heaven and hell).

I have her book on Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, but read a couple chapters then set it aside and never finished it. Have to get back to it sometime.

She is then only part way back. She is endorsing a pro choice candidate.

I’m only part of the way back. Considering the atheistic academic intelligentsia that she started with, she has come a long way.

I went to her website and it was playing ‘Ave Maria’!

I’m an avid fan of her Vampire Chronicles but I’m very disappointed with the change shes made. I tried reading her newest book but I just couldn’t get into it…it has now joined The Grapes of Wrath as the only other book on my list of books I started but couldn’t bear to finish. I’m so glad I didn’t buy it like I had planned to.

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