Anne Rice (self described "Catholic") endorses pro-abortion Hillary for Pres!

I forget where I noticed it, either Time magazine or USA Today, but the article referenced a supposed Catholic author by the name of Anne Rice having endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. I went to Ms. Rice’s website today and found it to be true. I have never heard of Ms. Rice before, but apparently she is a well known author who has recently converted to Catholicism and now writes books from her new religious perspective.

Apparently some of her new books on Jesus are quite good, at least that’s what her own website claims. But be her writings good or not, I am deeply disturbed that someone who claims to be Catholic would use her standing as a popular figure to promote a pro-abortion candidate for President.

In fact in her endorsement she states “…much as I am horrified by abortion, I am not sure – as a student of history – that Americans should give up the right to abortion.”

Of course she prefaces this comment and follows it up with the qualifier that of course she herself is strongly opposed to abortion. Well isn’t that nice. That is of course what all pro-abortion advocates say to avoid sounding like Dr. Mengele.

Anne Rice, if by chance you read the forums, it is absolutely impossible to be a Catholic and support maintaining the legal status of abortion. Certainly returning it to its criminal roots will not stop all abortions. Many crimes are committed despite the legal status of the act, but to say that an act should be legal is to say that it is not harmful to our society. I would strongly assert that abortion is extremely harmful to our society. Abortion, and the resulting collapse of our society’s respect for life, is destroying our culture and leading to moral relativism on every level. Legalizing wholesale murder of all citizens could hardly have any more chilling effect than that of stating that the murder of unborn children should be tolerated by the state.

If in the end we are left with two candidates who are both immoral advocates for murder, then perhaps good Catholics will be forced to choose the candidate who will do the least damage. But to endorse a pro-death candidate at such an early stage in the process is hardly a prudent action for a Catholic, and for a public figure like Anne it is in fact quite scandalous.

I agree. Having been a fan of her work, I was disappointed to learn that Anne Rice is supporting a pro-choice candidate. I believe that she is an intelligent and sincere person who is just misguided on this issue. She needs to pray over and rethink her position. We’ll have to pray for her continued conversion.

She’s so new at being a committed Catholic. Pray for her. She’s not the only Catholic supporting pro-choice candidates.

I think she spent so many years immersed in darkness and unsavory subjects, that it is going to take a long time for the light of truth to completely penetrate.
In the meantime, she should refrain from stating such opinions while identifying herself as Catholic. It just irritates me.

Being immersed in darkness doesn’t mean one is blind to the light.

That being said, I know who Anne Rice is. She’s only been Catholic for a short time. She clearly needs to do some more research into the teachings of the Church.

I’m a bit torn on Anne Rice. She claims to have found Christ (which may be ligitimate) and says she isn’t going back to her Vampire Chronicles series anymore now that she has reverted back to Catholicism. Yet she hasn’t exactly cut herself off from profiting on the old series (nor distancing herself from it) either. She’s in my prayers.

Actually, Anne Rice is a cradle Catholic, born of a daily-Mass-attending mother. She did spend many years proclaiming her atheism. Much of her work is very dark, and some of it expresses anti-Catholic sentiments. But if you really read her deeply, the seeds of her Catholic faith shine through in many of the ideas so tenaciously clung to by her literary alter-ego, Lestat. I think her atheism came about under the influence of her very liberal husband and the fact that they were part of the hip San Francisco intellectual/artistic set. And also the tragic loss of her first son, which led her into depression and alcoholism, and may very well have contributed to destroying her faith for a long time. She came back to the Church around the time of the death of her husband. One of her recent books, Christ the Lord, explores Jesus as a pre-teen when his family returned to Joseph’s ancestral home from their flight to Egypt. It is a very engaging work, and I saw nothing wrong or heretical in it. It is, of course, fiction, but a very humanizing and believable fiction of an unknown time in the life of Jesus.

She is hardly the only liberal Catholic in this country, or the world. I too have been disappointed in her politics, hoping that her reversion (not conversion) to the Church would help re-inform some of her ideas. Abortion is not the only area she has problems with the Church on. I once wrote an e-mail to her, telling her how much her work has meant to me and how much I loved to read her, welcoming her back to the Church, and also asking about a book I had been anticipating. I never expected anything back from such a famous and probably busy person. But she wrote me back personally, and sexual ethics is another place she strongly disagrees with the Church. Her son is gay, and she feels that the Church should change its stance about condemning gay sexual behavior.

Everyone is at different points in their faith journey. Hers is only a few years old in any serious way. Perhaps she will change her mind, perhaps she won’t. But just because I disagree with her politics (whether Church or secular) doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy her wonderful writing, nor does it mean I condemn her. She is learning, like all the rest of us…I find her struggle much more sympathetic than some other liberal figures, who seem to regard unborn children as no better than parasites to be exterminated. There is a difference there… She’s literally struggling against decades of her own former thoughts and attitudes. That’s a tough row to hoe…

If those in darkness were completely blind to the light, no one would ever make it out. But that doesn’t mean that conversion is instantaneous. It takes time (and actually, never ends). I know what it means to be immersed in darkness. I walked in that world for longer than I like to remember. I read almost all of Anne Rice’s books during that time (much to my regret, now). If it took me years to get those things out of my subconscience (as much as possible), and begin to conform my thoughts to the truths of the faith, I could only imagine the journey she must take, being the author of such things.

She clearly needs to do some more research into the teachings of the Church.

I completely agree. And until she does, she shouldn’t be making such public statements while identifying herself as Catholic. Why don’t “famous” people understand that it is OK to keep their opinions to themselves? Hopefully, she will come to a better understanding of Church teaching and change her tune, however, the damage of publicizing her support for a pro-abortion politician has already been done.

At the same time, it’s looking like Catholics won’t have much of a choise come election day. In my opinion there is 0 difference between the morals of Hilary Clinton and Rudy Guileane (probably spelled his name wrong). They both support homosexual marriage and are both pro abortion. I think the only difference between the two is that Guileane cheated on his wife and Hilary has been pretty faithful to Bill.
Neither will have my vote though.

A “right” that has been enshrined in our constitution for, gosh, almost 35 years now.

The right to freedom of speech and religion may go back somewhat farther.

I wholehearted agree with duskyjewel’s entire post. However, just wanted to point out, it was her daughter that tragically died at a very young age of cancer, I believe.

Although I haven’t read her Vampire books in a years, I also found some very profound meaning in her writing, and could see even then that she was on a spirtual journey of sorts.

Anthony, you are correct. I read her books years ago, but I remember her saying in an interview that the death of her young daughter threw her into a depression. The dark hours she was experiencing manifested themselves in the Vampire Chronicles, Lestat, et al. As a matter of fact, there is a young girl vampire in Interview With the Vampire, the first of the chronicles, and that character is there as a sort of exorcizing of her grief. Not that her daughter was a vampire…:slight_smile: , but more a way to keep her daughter alive in her mind.

Yes, that character was Claudia, the vampire child that Lestat and Louis find as a dying little girl and then turn her in order to immortalize her. That’s what the vampires represent in Rice’s novels, the search for immortality. Though in their case it’s at the exspense of their souls and they have to kill in order to survive. So there is conflict for those (vampires) that still have a conscience. I think it gets pretty deep.

I think that one could almost explicate the vampire novels and see that they were born out of the need for Anne Rice to grieve for her daughter and, eventually, find a way to let her go.

Perhaps, after all these years, Christ will be the answer for her. She will need to reconcile the five non-negotiables, however.

You didn’t like the good doktor? What about the Eugenics program? Yeah, good times. Poor Germany, so confused. Here we were the guys with the closest thing to their ideology, and then their biggest enemy. Lets just agree that no one is ever on the moral high-ground.

I believe that she is also a cradle Democrat. The Democrat partyrejected the Catholic Church some 40 years ago but for those who were born and raised a Democrat it is hard to realize it. Rice is trying to do the impossible job of reconciling her faith with her politics, There are many in CAF who are diligently trying to do the same

Very true, JFK was a democrat and for this reason my grandmother was a devout catholic and a registered democrat.

I disagree with you regarding this statement. Jesus kills a child on accident due to his inability to control his powers. That is heretical. The idea comes from an apocryphal work that was declared heretical by the early Church fathers.

Very true, JFK was a democrat and for this reason my grandmother was a devout catholic and a registered democrat.

I have a number of relatives who are like that. They are pro-life and socially conservative, but being a democrat is part of their heritage and they just don’t stop to think about it.

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