Hello all!

Today I found an article on Hell, and it intrigued me because I’ve never seen an argument for Annihilationism like this before. Thoughts? Rebuttals?

Keep in mind this is a pretty anti-Catholic website though. Some of their stuff is a bit wack, to be expected :wink:

God bless! Pax Christi

Death means obliteration? Where’d he get that? Interpreting aion as a finite age? The gospels often use the same word for eternal life? Is eternal life for a finite age? The vast majority of patristic witness, which is our faith handed down from the apostles and illuminated by great minds, also teaches the eternity of hell. And on top of that, the Magisterium has provided us with clear doctrine on the eternity of Hell. I’ll take the Magisterium over that guy’s opinion.

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