Anniversary "bests" - which was most memorable?


If you’ve been married 1, 5, or 40 years… what was your most memorable anniversary “doings”?? Fancy, Simple, Expensive, Cheap… what?

My favorite was 14. Life was nuts, and “our day” snuck up & blind-sided us. On a whim we hopped in the car, bought a 6-pack, got some hotdogs & fries to go, and sat on a cliff overlooking the river for a few hours. We felt like kids on a date.


For our 20th, our family went to Rome for Christmas. Midnight Mass with JPII :thumbsup: . —KCT


for our 3rd anniv we finally had a honeymoon, I was prego again, and it was winter, but Niagara Falls in the winter is simply beautiful, as many time as I have been there before or since, that was not to be forgotten. luxury hotel and restaurants were also deeply discounted. we felt like we finally got a breath to be together alone for the first time since our marriage, since we were sharing a house with another couple and sharing household and child care duties.


Our first was the only anniversary that we’ve been able to celebrate. On our second, I was recovering from surgery, third I was teaching CCD for the first time, and our first class was on our anniversary, our fourth (last year) I was at my aunt’s wake. I’m really hoping that nothing crazy happens for our fifth. It’s next Friday!

We went out to dinner for our first anniversary. My in laws had given us a gift certificate for Christmas the year before to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. We finally used it for our anniversary dinner. It was fun!

We’re thinking that this year we’ll go out to dinner, maybe catch a movie. Or maybe we’ll order pizza and watch the new Dr. Who. We’re pretty boring people! :slight_smile:


Oh we’ve had a few memorable in the last 16 years. When my husband was in the Navy and underway in the middle east he surprised me with 3 dozen roses. (Sent money to his mom to order them.)

For our 10th we went to a resort in Traverse City. We got our dinner from the Taco Bell across the street. It was kind of funny because when we married at 18/19 years of age, we stayed the night in a fancy hotel and went across the street to get dinner from Taco Bell.:wink:

A few years ago we went to the same Chinese restaurant for dinner that we went to the night my husband asked me to marry him -mind you I was a junior in High School when he asked me.

We have two anniversaries now since our marriage was convalidated in 2004 -so now we get to celebrate twice a year.:thumbsup:

I mostly prefer simple. I’m not one for fancy jewelry or expensive gifts. Just spending an evening together reminiscing and having a little fun.:stuck_out_tongue:


Our only anniversary (#1) was on a summer holiday in Greece, and I was 5 months pregnant - bliss :slight_smile: . We spent the whole day fishing and swimming, and then showered and changes into nice clothes right there on the beach, and went to a restaurant on the beach… sunset… then the full moon…

Our 2nd anniversary will be on Tuesday, and I’ve already talked dh into a nice restaurant… but now I’m thinking bbque and beer :smiley:


Last anniversary: #4

He took me out to dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy. We never go on dates, so it was kinda weird to be able to focus on eachother rather than keep track of the kids. :o He gave me my card (home-made) and there were two Sharks hockey tickets in there for that night. (Center ice, 11th row! Yeah, baby!!!)

I said, “You know, I thought this was what I was getting! I thought you’d get me a women’s fitted jersey too, though. :shrug: Oh well.” (I am usually really good at guessing the gifts he has bought for me. It’s actually turned into a game for us.)

We got into the car and he handed me one of his jerseys to put on before we headed over to the Arena. When we got there, he reached under his seat and pulled out…

A WOMEN’S FITTED JERSEY!!! And, he had our last name put on the back! It was so cool, and so funny. I was trying to say, “I knew it!” but we were both laughing so hard.


Our 25th landed on a weekday, so we had a mass said for our intention on that day. Our sons attended and our priest who offered the mass, than allowed us to renew our marriage vows in the presence of our family. Afterwards we had a great breakfast at a local eatery. It was just what we ordered. Thank you God!:slight_smile:


On our fifth anniversary last December, we decided to renew our vows after Mass on the Third Sunday of Advent. That Sunday we ended up being very lucky as, in addition to our pastor Fr. Ken Brighenti saying mass, he was joined by Fr. John Trigilio as con-celebrant. It was a Catholic celebrity Renewal!

The biggest celebrity there though was our daughter.


So far, it’s today. We celebrated our first anniversary by having a picnic on Capitol Hill. Since the little one in the oven hasn’t yet developed his tolerance level (or sufficient age), we had a bottle of sparkling cider, crackers, sausages, fruits and yogurt. This being a “Washington-based relationship,” I wrote and recited a “State of the (Marriage) Union Address,” which my wife loved.

Tonight it’s dinner in the restaurant at the top of the Washington Hotel. :slight_smile:


Our 28th was celebrated stuck in Amarillo due to bad road conditions on I-40. We shared a room at a Super 8 with our two adult daughters, a dog and a cat. We were traveling back from ND where we had spent Christmas and were heading home to NM where we had hoped to be back in time to celebrate our 28th and then New Years Eve with friends.

Another memorable Anniversary would be our 25th. My parents had driven down from ND to spend it with us. We had a party with several of our friends and I served bratwurst and saurkraut - a standing joke with us as when we were planning our Wedding reception this was my husband’s joking request! I even found some Boon’s Farm Strawberry wine to make wine coolers with, something we did frequently when we were first married.

Brenda V.


I’m about to celebrate my 17th on Friday.

I wonder if I ever celebrated one of them properly.

We have gone through a very difficult year. My wife has told me about her suffering childhood sexual abuse. Here is the woman I love telling me about her terrible suffering.

Have I loved her properly?

Have I loved her as God meant me to?

Do I support and cherish her?

These are questions we should all ask about our spouse. I suspect we would not always like our answers.

Love your spouse as God intended. I’m only learning now after 17 years.


last yr. for our 9th anniversary he took me to the bird aviary in Canada, then to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, and then to my favorite restaurant–The Rainforest Cafe (I’ve been to the one in FL a few times, LOVE their mojo sauce).

Then he surprised me yet again, he took me to see a well known magician, Greg Frewin, originially from Canada. He’s been all over the world and now is back running his own theatre. It was absolutely amazing–Greg had a cockatiel, his dog, a panther, doves, and tigers in his act. Coming home we saw fireworks over the Falls due to one of their holidays.

Truly memorable. This yr. we are celebrating our 10th yr. but it will most likely be lowkey due to my health problems but that’s ok. I plan to make him a great meal.



May have to bump “14”…

Saturday was our 19th. We were up at our cabin with the kids and my mom. Mom basically shoved us out the door “Would you two go and DO something!!.. I’ll feed the kids!”

Well, the “cuisine” choices are severely limited in northern MN, but we did find a very nice “supper-club” after a 45 minute drive and 3 stops at “nah… this place just doesn’t…” . Had a very attentive (but not annoying) waitress, and a great meal.

Got back to the cabin and all was dark - everyone sacked out. I snuck in, grabbed the boat keys & a bottle of wine/glasses and my wife & I took the boat out to the middle of the lake & dropped anchor. Spent the next 2 hours sipping wine, talking, and enjoying a perfect night under the stars.


On our eleventh anniversary my husband said he would be willing to have one more child. My other children and I had been praying for years that he would agree to one more child. The next month my daughter Theresa was concieved. She died 31 weeks after conception and is now my constant prayer partner. Although she died, she is the best anniversary gift I have ever recieved.


This Friday will be our 11th aniv.
DH is taking a half day and coming to town to take me to lunch then he will stick around and pick DS from school. We will go to mass and adoration in the evening ( first Friday )

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