Anniversary Gift Idea

My anniversary is tomorrow and not sure what to buy for my wife. We decided that we were not going to spend a lot as we are going out for an expensive dinner and we are remodeling our house. I wanted to get her something under $50 any suggestions?

A beautiful Rosary or Rosary bracelet?–Various%20Gemstone%20Beads–Crystal%20Beads/524/Pink%20Swarovski%20Crystal%20Bracelet

Roses or her favorite flower are always nice, even for anniversaries. If you can find a place still selling potted plants, you could even get her something to plant in the spring, so it won’t be a present that will just wilt and die and be thrown away. My dad does that every so often for my mom, and she always enjoys getting to plant them in the spring (their anniversary’s in September, along with their birthdays).

Finding something little and cute - like a little figurine of some sort you might see in a Hallmark store - that she can put on her desk and look at now and again to think about you is another idea, or something to add on to the flowers. Sometimes it can depend on the woman and what sorts of things she likes.

I would check with the church’s gift shops in the area to see what they have.
Happy Anniversary!

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