Anniversary ideas?


I’ve got a first wedding anniversary coming up. Even someone as dense as I am knows that the first wedding anniversary is nothing like the first date anniversary. I’m therefore starting to sieze up in terror. I want to do something special, but we are “of limited means” right now, (as most newlyweds are, I imagine), and can’t exactly jet off to Bermuda for the weekend.

So, any thoughts/suggestions? Much obliged…


Sometimes the simplest thing is the most meaningful. Is there a special place, moment, event that is significant and cherished besides the wedding for you? Plan a day/evening full of events and refreshment reminiscent of a very special time for the two of you.

A beautiful blank card or handwritten note on nice stationery saying why you are happier one year later than you were on the happiest day of your life a year ago! Place this with one stem of a favorite flower, a candle, a little music, favorite beverage and snack and it’s a very romantic moment.

Anything simple you’ve discussed that you’d like to do, but never have made the time for? This is it - maybe a picnic and day at the zoo. Maybe she likes concerts/ballet/theater and you don’t and balk normally at those things. (I’m not saying you do or don’t mind you!) Get tickets to something you know would mean a lot to her but not break the bank.

Don’t work at hitting it out of the park on the first anniversary - remember you will be setting the tone for years to come and you may want to build on it every year as you are able. Or you may find you like the simple, alone time where you forget all the material trappings of what is fantastic and find that those little special things that sometimes get lost in the day to day are what brings extra pleasure in remembrance of such a special day.

Hope some of this helped. Congrats and many, many more!:slight_smile:


That’s good stuff.


Is there something sentimental, maybe even a bit goofy, that she likes?

Me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheap tacky snowglobes (the fancy ones are just not me, give me something from a tourist trap anyday).

For my mom, it is those chocolate covered cherries. Dad could buy her a trip to Hawaii - but, it would not BE an anniversary without a 2.49 box of chocolate covered cherries.

Does she like Thanksgiving? Then cook turkey and pumpkin pie and all the trimmings for just the two of you.

Order a little wedding cake from the bakery and eat it together while watching some sappy movie.

Start a tradition, something that can tie all the anniversaries together for the rest of your lives :slight_smile:


Again, awesome stuff.

I think the Franciscan monastery will have to be part of it somehow. Our first date ended up there in the gardens. It’s a beautiful place.

Other than that, I’m not sure yet. A combination of all of the above would be fantastic. We’re both writers, so a hand-written note will probably become a tradition. This is Washington, D.C., after all, so perhaps something along the lines of a State of the Marriage address. “My beloved wife, as we gather tonight, the world is in chaos. We are facing a potentially difficult pregnancy, and your family remains hostile and estranged. But I am happy to report that the marriage is strong…

Trust me–she’s totally D.C. She’ll love that.

We’ve been meaning to take one of those D.C. Ducks tours forever. That’s a good idea, too. (It’s an amphibious vehicle tour that hits the Potomac…)

Thanks again–keep the ideas coming! I can work with this!


Sounds like you have some great ideas! Get a thoughtful little gift for her and some flowers, and you’re set! It’s been my experience that it’s best not to overdo it with anniversary plans. You don’t want to be rushing around from attraction to attraction, getting stressed out and not having time to just relax and take your time enjoying being with each other.

If you have a video or album of your wedding, it would be neat to look at it on your anniversary. If you can, it would be nice for you (and her, if she has a job) to take the day off. Wait, it’s on a Sunday this year, right? :wink: Next year make plans to take your anniversary off from work!

Congratulations :slight_smile:


My dear Montanaman - Love what Catholic Sam says about not overdoing it. One event, whichever you choose, and maybe a homemade coupon book with things like the Ducks Tour, a backrub, dinner preparation, the possibilities there are endless and only you know what should be there. My experience has been that it is important to keep the romance alive as well as juggle life, so maybe twelve coupons and she chooses one a month on whichever day (19th?) you were married.

Sounds like a full plate and I will keep you in my prayers. I’m sure that whatever you do, it will be wonderful. The most important thing is to create moments you cherish together, as you cherish each other. God bless!:wink:


I am coming up on my second anniversary… so this is all good!!! I am planning just a night away at a hotel (teenagers at home) and taking along the unity candle that a nun friend made for us… light it every anniversary… We didn’t use it at the wedding because I hate unity candles in a wedding mass…so this is the best use for it. It was made with our invitation attached to it and is beautiful. Mass in the morning when we get up… possibly at the cathedral (where we went for our honeymoon). I like simple things…


We are about to celebrate our first anniversary too , its on the 26th when is yours ?
My husband is the romantic type , and he has made me booklets of coupons for all my favorite things , including "green slimy things " lol ( he hates any cooked vegetable except for onions lol ) I love the sappy coupons and the funny touch too .
We went down the coast camping (hwy 101) for our honeymoon , so we are going camping in our old home town for 2 weeks this year … please post the state of the marriage addy if you feel you can share it , what a wit you have ! Congrats and happy happy hugs Debbie


How about a dinner or lunch cruise up and down the Potomac? That would be delightful! It’s fun! Not sure your price range… but here’s the link. The Cherry Blossom, the Dandy and the DC Spirit all do it.

You can Google those too.

Happy Anniversary! :thumbsup:


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