Anniversary of a 5 year thread

Dear CAF friends,

Those of you who know me know I wouldn’t forget… today is the day.

On this day, April 24th, 2018, we commemorate the rebirth anniversary of our dear, deceased thread: the “This thread is 5 years old” thread.

That thread, conceived on April 24th, 2013, had no reason to suspect that its life would be cruelly cut short when the CAF forum was rebuilt to use a more modern infrastructure. It had no reason to fear that it would be among those threads shown the axe. But alas, it was, so it is no longer here for us to resurrect.

But we can still commemorate it, and remember the fun times we had trying not to max out its thread count so that it would last long enough for us to resurrect on this day. :slight_smile:

A solemn day. A bittersweet day. A day to remember the transitory nature of all things digital.



So you can’t make a new one today?

@MrZoom @Bruised_Reed @StudentMI @Gertabelle @mVitus

@Dshix @Mary888

Well, I just did. :slight_smile: The purpose of the old thread was to make a parody of the fact that new users would commonly search up a topic they were interested in, and then reply to the thread - not observing that the last post was often 5-10 years old and the posters were probably long gone.


So is this the new one? Are we supposed to @ users we know so they can come here?

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:smiley: Don’t stress about it. Those who need to be here will probably have their calendars marked. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know about it coz I only know the new CAF. Spirits brought me here…


This thread is not 5 years old…but it could have been… :cry:


I remember that thread. May it rest in peace.


So sad… I think this was the single saddest thing for me when the forum update came. :frowning:


And the way the threads are set up now makes it impossible to do a thread the way the original “this thread is 5 years old” was intended to go. Now, if there is no activity in a thread for 14 days, it automatically locks. :lock:

I tried finding the old thread on the wayback machine but was unsuccessful.


Oh my.

Five years? It’s been five years?


RIP thread.

Here’s some flowers to remember the old thread that never got to be revived.

:hibiscus: :bouquet: :sunflower::blossom::cherry_blossom::rose::hibiscus::bouquet:

It has indeed - you know we’re getting old when it doesn’t feel that long.

I remember the day I first created it… I had just been browsing a forum (I think it was Moral Theology) and I saw an unusually large number of resurrected threads in there.

After doing my customary “Hello poster, this thread is ancient go get another one” speech (with more words of course) on those threads I got to thinking that it was pretty funny how often that was happening. I decided on a whim to create the thread: “This thread is 5 years old”… and now here we are.

I hope Bruised Reed comes around soon to commemorate it, since she was the one who heroically fought the most to save it from “1000 post” death.


The funny thing is that now, with the new setup, threads do NOT get automatically locked at 1000 posts. The current ban thread is over 1500 posts, and one of the Song Title threads got over 2000 before we abandoned it due to repeated “502 Bad Gateway” errors.

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Technically, I think you can still keep a 2000 post thread going. It just takes longer to post.

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Thanks for the invite. :+1:t4:

We could keep this thread open for five years. We all just need to set a reminder on our calendars to post something once every 14 days.

But to avoid reaching that awkward 502 error, we’ll need to only have an average of one post a day for five years. It’ll just be a veeerrrrryyyy slow-paced conversation.

Who’s in? :smile:


I’ll tell you next week. :date:

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