Anniversary of a 5 year thread


I’m tired. Time for bed.

Thought all y’all would wanna know…

:sleeping: :zzz: :zzz:


Snow is predicted and I have a mountain pass to travel. Prayers would be appreciated.


Prayers for safe travels for you and all traveling this holiday weekend. :pray:t2:


I made it “there and back again” safely but not without some drama. In particular, when I got back to my van this afternoon, it wouldn’t start. Had to call AAA for a jump. But all worked out in the end, and when I got back home to Morgantown, I stopped at Advance Auto for a new battery.


@MrZooom @ [DoGodsBidding1] glad your trip was safe. So was mine but saw too many accidents. The roads are very slick. My children are still on their way home. They are stopped by an accident that I fortunately scooted pass. I pray that all travelers are safe.@DoGodsBidding1 thank you for your prayers they were comforting.


We were so blessed with the good weather here in the Denver area. Saturday saw some crazy high winds and some icy flurries, but it was all over in about 12 hours, and then we were back to sunny weather, thanks be to God!

For some reason my brain is having a hard time dealing with still being in Ordinary Time. My secular brain says we should go from Thanksgiving to Advent. :smile:


More van problems. As of this morning, my wheelchair ramp isn’t deploying properly. An admittedly non-professional inspection by yours truly suggests it’s a problem with the guide chain on one side of the ramp – looks like there’s too much slack. I made an appointment to have it checked by the pros on Wednesday.


Hope it goes ok… Nasty when mechanical assists don’t work!!!


On second look, I can say that the guide chain is definitely way too slack. The motor to the ramp is working fine. I think if they can tighten up the chain, I should be good to go.


I think I may have found the cause of my ramp problem. I found a broken screw on the reel that connects the chain to the ramp. I let the folks at MobilityWorks know. Hopefully tomorrow they can replace the screw and that will do it.


Sounds like something simple, thankfully, hopefully there are no other screws that are close to breaking and this will take care of it for you.


I think this is one of the rare years that Thanksgiving is not followed the next Sunday being Advent


It was the screw. They fixed it in about an hour. No charge since it was under warranty - my only costs were for gas, and the time I had to take off work to drive to Pittsburgh and back. (I just took the whole day off - took a nap when I got home)

Today, home sick with a cold. I was about to push myself out the door, but I decided - no. The way I felt, I didn’t think I would be very productive.

I do have a doctor appointment this afternoon, which I will keep. It’s with a neurologist, getting results of some testing for carpal tunnel from a couple of weeks ago. I have some medical masks; I’ll wear one to the appointment. Don’t want to make the staff sick if I can help it :wink:


Thank you for the update, and I hope you get to feeling better soon :pray:t2: . Have a blessed weekend.


So grateful it’s Saturday, raining here but I get to stay in bed a little longer instead of going to work.


I hope you still made it to Mass for the Immaculate Conception…?


Forgot to update. I do have carpal tunnel, but it’s thankfully fairly mild. Doc wants to see me back in 6 months.

In the meantime, for my trip up to Michigan for Christmas, I’m splitting up the drive both going up and coming back. Keep driving to about 200 miles a day. That should hopefully minimize problems with tingling. Also will allow me to take longer stretch breaks if I need to.


It’s snowing and I have a four hour trip tomorrow. A prayer for all travelers.


Prayers for all who are traveling in snowy conditions. :pray:t2: Have a safe trip!


thank you for the prayers. I made it there and back. Roads were icy and snowpacked on the way there mostly dry a few ice spots on the way back.

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