Anniversary - Two weeks postpartum


Hi all,

I’m looking for ideas from some of the women folk here to make our anniversary special. We are anticipating our first child in the very near future. Actually, due to a breech position at this time, we have a C-section planned for next week. So, if the baby doesn’t turn in the next few days, it looks like our anniversary will be spent with a two week old and my wife recovering from a C-section.

If the baby decides to turn, and then hangs out for another week inside, we could very well spend our annivasary in the hospital. :smiley:

So given that information, what do you think we will be in the mood for. I’m sure at this point, a good nights sleep would be the best gift, but not practicle. Baby will be needing Mom for food every few hours. Any ideas to make this annaversary as special as possible?


**How about a nice romantic dinner at home? With candles and the whole bit? Lights dimmed. If you can’t cook, how about ordering food from a nice restaurant and bringing it home? Or if she feels up to it, go out to a restaurant and bring the baby along. She may want to get out of the house once your anniversary gets here.:shrug: Just don’t forget to buy a card and some flowers or something of that sort :thumbsup: **


Would she like maid service for a couple of weeks? How about dinner delivered once she and baby are home alone? (assuming you’ll be home for a while after the birth) —KCT


It’s going to be a very special, festive time for your family! :slight_smile: Congratulations on both accounts!

I think if my hubby and I were in that position, we would discuss it ahead of time. I would like the opportunity to let my hubby know what I would like. We would also make it open-ended and flexible to allow for last-minute changes of plans or feelings. If she just wants to sleep, then maybe you could arrange to celebrate in another few weeks/months.

But having said that, I would also like a surprise, maybe a special breakfast or some kind of gift. Or if I was still house-bound, maybe arranging for a Eucharistic minister to come bring us Holy Communion on our special day.

I would also like it for my hubby to take that day off work if he had already returned to work after the baby was born. After our first baby, we hung out at home a LOT. After a couple of weeks I had cabin fever! Even just going outside and walking around the block, pushing baby in the stroller, was a nice break for me (baby was born in winter).

Also, when we had our first baby, we used to spend a lot of time playing computer games together. Not necessarily 2-player ones, but just any game that we liked and could put our heads together to solve. It worked well because (besides the fact that we both love playing all kinds of games), I could easily breastfeed while doing it and hubby would man the controls. When I wasn’t breastfeeding, hubby could hold baby and I could man the controls for a while. We had a lot of fun :shrug: :smiley:

What number anniversary is this for you?


Thanks for the great ideas. Catholic Sam, I love the idea of bringing eucharist, especially since I am an EUM. I think I will take the day off of work, make breakfast, bring eucharist, and try to arrainge for fun homebound activities to do with baby too.:smiley:

In answer to the question, this will be our third anniversary.


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