Announcement of Easter

I recently saw this, but don’t have a membership over there I was just curious how long churches have been singing this chant? How new is it? What’s the history behind it?

It is one of the three great proclamations in the Church. There is a similar one for Christmas.

Traditionally the Christmas proclamation was done as part of the reading/chanting of the Roman Martyrology. The martyrology was typically read after Prime when that Office still existed. Now the rubrics state it can be read at anytime or as part of Lauds.

Good luck trying to find a place that does it though. The abbey I’m affiliated with reads the Martyrology in the refectory at dinner; the proclamation of Christmas is done Dec. 24th after Lauds. Not sure about the Easter proclamation.

Here’s the Christmas one:

Christmas Proclamation

Note that the Martyrology is always anticipated, so that the feasts and saints being proclaimed are proclaimed the previous day, except for the moveable feasts of Easter proclaimed at the beginning of the liturgical year.

The other one is the Easter proclamation, aka. the Exultet, that is proclaimed at the start of the Easter Vigil.


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