Announcing a new daily show: Mother Miriam Live! Launching June 17th


I wonder how the show is going to differ from her current radio show that is on daily at 10am on the same network?

No offense, but Mother Miriam has been associated with Michael Voris in the past.

Um, Mother Miriam Live is associated with LifeSiteNews, which Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong considers to be “radical Catholic reactionary.” Has Mother Miriam ever appeared on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo or any other EWTN show?

Guilt by Association is apparently alive and well…


She was also an employee at Catholic Answers before becoming a religious.

Regardless of your opinions of some of these others, Mother Miriam is very orthodox and was on Immaculate Heart Radio for many years.


Also, she actually used to host her own EWTN series called Household of Faith under her given name of Rosalind Moss.

So again, she’s very orthodox.

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Well, phil19034, is Mother Miriam charitable?

I’ve enjoyed her the few times I’ve seen her on The Journey Home. Her newsletter is also very good. :woman_shrugging:t4:

If anyone finds her problematic, they should probably tell Catholic Answers…

How fondly I remember the good old days with her and Fr. Serpa and Jerry Usher on CA Live!

She’s always been kind and charitable. Do you know her?

I love Rosalind Moss from Household of Faith! That show helped me so much when I was converting. Her love for truth just bowled me over. I heard she became a nun, and I did not know she is “Mother Miriam” now. I really want to see this show!t

Yes, she is charitable. She can also be direct, but she is very charitable.


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