Announcing the release of my fifth mystery novel, "A Summer to Remember"!

Please allow me to indulge in a little shameless self-promotion!

The fifth book in my Black Horse Campground mystery series, “A Summer to Remember”, is now available from Amazon! Here is the back cover blurb:

After Bonney Police detective J.D. Wilder wraps up three cold-case murders, believing that the murderer was his former partner, he tries to focus on his personal life in his new hometown and his budding relationship with Corrie Black, owner of the Black Horse Campground.

When he receives information that proves his former partner wasn’t the murderer, the case is reopened with the knowledge and urgency that the killer is poised to strike again. But who held a grudge against the three cold-case victims… and who is that person’s next target? With the help of Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton, J.D. probes the memories of several Bonney residents who knew the victims and begins to make connections.

Then another death occurs and while J.D. and Rick are investigating, Corrie is attacked. The attacker and the cold-case murderer could be the same person, but Corrie’s condition is critical and she’s lost her memories of the entire previous year… including the identity of her attacker and even having met J.D. Will she survive long enough to remember what happened? Or will she end up as a memory and the murderer gets away once again?

And here is the link:

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.


Congrats! Please pray for me and my own works-in-progress.

Will this be out on Kindle soon?

Looking forward to reading it!!!

Kindle edition will be out soon! I’ll let you know!:thumbsup:

I like detective and mystery stories. Thanks for sharing!

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