Annoyed but not angry


Before the group rosary begins, a chinese woman who are from the Chinese group of the church came to me and invited me to listen to a talk. I told her that I only speak basic chinese and won’t be able to understand. She insisted. I said, sorry, “I don’t understand Chinese”. Then she said, “It’s okay. Just come to the talk and just listen.” I finally replied, “Okay, let me think about it.” I was annoyed because she kept on insisting that I should attend.

My question is, is it worth to listen to a talk in language that you do not understand but you know it is a talk about God? Should she have done that?


I wouldn’t feel obliged to listen to a talk in a foreign language about anything, unless it was an effort to show compassion and solidarity with that group.

If it was mass that would be different but not simply a talk or discussion.

As to whether she should have invited you, well I don’t see that as wrong. Perhaps she was just being friendly.


I meant, should she have insisted I go even though I told her I dont understand chinese?


Probably not but I don’t think it’s a big issue…is it?


Of course it is not.


Maybe she believes so strongly -
Like in the Book of Acts -
You’ll be able to understand what language is being spoken.
That’d be interesting - if that happened.

On a side not - I thought of my dear Dad -
He’d often say “ it’s all Chinese, to me “ - whenever he didn’t understand something.


How can she insist that you go? You are free to say no thank you. No need to explain, just no thank you. Put it out of you thoughts.


I decided not to attend because based on my past experience it is not beneficial to me if I do not understand the language. It is just a waste of time. I know this seems very disrespectful but I am entitled to my choice and I know God will understand too.


Rutherford, its not disrespectful at all. Really, its okay to not go.


Even if she invited you to a talk in English, or to Mass, or to any event, you are not obligated to go and owe her no explanation. If someone came up to you on the street and insisted you come to some event, would you feel obligated to go? Of course not. It’s no different in church. Her request would have amused me.


I think you’re making a much bigger issue out of this than it really is.


Do you feel you don’t have the power to say " no thank you, I can’t make it?"


I feel that I cannot say no to a talk that is related to God.


Nah, in normal situation I would say no to the invite. But in this situation the talk is related to God so I feel that I should say yes for God’s sake.


God doesn’t need you there. :slight_smile:


Maybe you can attend with the intention of improving your Chinese rather than ‘getting something’ out of it.


@Agatha_Sicily @semper_catholicus @Hoosier-Daddy @Irishmom2 @Seagull @Lee1 @LisaB
Oh, how foolish of me! I understand now why I was given this invitation to the Chinese talk. It was not for me. It was for my aunt whom I had prayed to God to convert to catholic. Since she will never step inside a church, God is trying to get to her through me! God heard my prayer.


That is a horrible way to look at invitations and one that will be exploited by people to het you to do things. That is not how God works. Do you think the speaker is a prophet!?


Does your aunt speak Chinese?



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