Annoying LDS Advertising

A few days ago, as I was reading news on the internet, a drop down suddenly appeared advertising LDS, it then took me immediately to LDS official web site. This was dis-concerting to say the least. Are the LDS so desperate for new members that they are resorting to this tactic? Has this happened to anyone else? LDS, can you explain this? Disturbing folks in thier homes to preach Joe Smith is one thing, now we can’t use our computer without having it in our face!!

Mom of 5

Look in your web-browser’s Help for how to disable pop-ups.

Selling advertising is how may news sites make their money.


Why does it annoy you that they advertise?

Pop-up ads annoy everyone. I’d be annoyed if a Catholic or an LDS ad popped up on my screen. I’d be annoyed if an atheist ad popped up on my screen. Heck, I’d be annoyed if an ad specifically targeted at people considering Catholicism, but skeptical of some of its teachings (e.g., me), popped up on my screen.

True enough that.:slight_smile:

LDS can advertise all they want, just not pop ups on my screen. I would not like it if any religion did that, but this is the only time a religion has done this on my time. I don’t think it is very classy for a religion to get members. This is not an advertisment to sell a product or service for money, it is an advertisement to get members for their church. HUGE difference!!

Funny thing, this is the only pop up I have had since I have had the pop ups disabled!!

Mom of 5

This reminds me of a carton of eggs I bought with a bible verse in the inside of the carton. How’s that for a pop-up? :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t get the pop ups anymore. At least it wasn’t a pop up for cellulite products. I get those from time to time. It’s nauseating looking at the before pictures. gag

If that was true it would seem that advertisers would cease using them. Or maybe they irritate, but also get results. They usually go with what works.

At least it’s not the TV commercials.

Their numbers are dwindling, so I’m sure they are trying all sorts of new avenues.

This is a rather interesting article on the subject.

I haven’t had a pop-up since I got some new stuff on the computer last year, and a good thing, too. They are annoying. But speaking of the LDS, they do make very nice and very slick TV commercials. You watch the whole thing before you realize that it’s from the LDS church.

Consider … there is no difference. :smiley:

Yeah, that does make me laugh, I have to admit. I remember the one that had a woman on a hill by the seashore, with peaceful music, talking about inner peace, and I thought it was going to be one of those Time-Life music collections, then suddenly she says, “…the Book of Mormon” and whips out the LDS book, leaving me going, “…what the heck?!” :smiley:

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