Annual Renewal of Marian Consecration, how do you do yours?

I consecrated myself to Mary a few years ago via the St. Maximilian Kolbe “Militia Immaculata” 9-day method. I understand one is supposed to renew the consecration annually. In past years, I have renewed by doing the 9-day method again, doing the 33-day St. Louis de Montfort method, and doing the Fr. Gaitley “33 Days to Morning Glory” method. I just wondered if there were any other ways of doing the annual renewal out there? Let me know if there’s some method you’re aware of or use, other than the above 3.

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Here’s another one to check out:

It’s includes both the four sets of Rosary Mysteries as well as the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. Beyond the standard recitation of these chaplets, it includes in-depth mediations for each one of the Mysteries/Sorrows, adding a layer of Ignatian contemplation.

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I have no idea of how common this is, but the whole congregation in my parish (Our Lady of the Assumption), guided by the priests, renews their consecration to Mary at the end of Mass on August 15th.

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I think that’s nice from a devotional standpoint, since I like the idea of Marian devotions. I would presume they use some short consecration prayer. It’s the type of thing we occasionally see, with the priest usually “inviting” people to say such a prayer after Mass or during announcement time or homily time.

However, I doubt that the entire congregation is doing an individual 33-day or 9-day Marian consecration, which is a serious commitment and a giving of yourself to Mary. It’s the type of thing that might be done by a prayer group on a voluntary basis (for example, a Miraculous Medal Novena group or a Flame of Love cenacle or a rosary group or US Grace Force, etc.) but if you tried to get everybody in a congregation to do it, some would not want to because they aren’t comfortable with it, and others would find it too much of a commitment, and there would also be confusion about whether such consecration is required by the Church when it’s not. There’s also a school of thought that things like Marian consecrations, scapular enrollments, etc should not be done by general parish congregations or other large groups because many participants don’t really understand what they’re doing or why, and thus don’t practice the devotion properly.

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Following. I was just thinking about renewing mine. I was planning to go through 33 day to Morning Glory again & place some flowers around our parish’s Mary statue. And buy myself a donut to celebrate! :slight_smile:

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You’re right, and I don’t know how many people prepare for this with a 9-day or 33-day consecration. I know at least some do.

We’re typically (before Covid, that is) invited to gather around the Blessed Virgin’s altar for the consecration prayer, which leaves a discreet way out for those who don’t wish to take part.

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