i have a friend who is trying to get his marriage annulled. his wife has changed religions which has been one of the factors resulting in the current divorce. do you think he has grounds to nullify his marriage through the catholic church? how can he get started in this process? any information will be helpful.

I am in the annulment process right now. Your friend should see a priest for advice.

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My annulment was granted on the terms of how the marriage was entered into, not on what happened afterward. Your friend needs consul from his Priest or Bishop or, as in my case, from the Diocesan office. It took 2 and 1/2 years to accomplish so I hope he is patient. Also, there are no guarentees that an annulment will be granted. That is entirely up to the Tribunal.

It’s not just a matter of semantics but one does not get a sacramental marriage anulled. One gets a declaration of nullity.

If it’s a sacramental marriage, not even the pope can annul it

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