Annulment: And so it begins


In my naieviety I thought it would be a fairly simple processes…
I am married to a wonderful man, who happens to be Catholic. Though not a very practising one, I should say. We are raising our son Catholic and have chosen to have a Catholic home. I am even going through RCIA, so that I can better understand their faith and share in it and help in teaching my son. Through my class I learned that my husband can not receive the Sacrament of Communion since we were not married in the Church.

Since I have been married once before I have approached the Church about having my first marriage annulled. It was to be an easy processes. After all - my former spouse is (or so he told me) Catholic and he was previously married in a Catholic ceremony and never had that marriage annulled. Thus, our marriage could not be valid in the eyes of the Church. Well guess what. I just found out that he was never baptised Catholic before his first marriage in the Church, though he did have a Catholic marriage.

Now I feel very…I don’t know…
I am waiting to hear from our parish priest and the tribunal as to how I proceed. But I admit after reading some of the post here I am becoming a little apprehensive about this entire processes.


Stay close to Jesus - He will be right there with you.


I am praying for the best. God’s will be done.


Hang in there.

Your ex-husband lied. That doesn’t set well with a tribunal.


As far as I know, even if your ex husband wasn’t baptised when you two were in the Catholic marriage ceremony, the church doesn’t recognize the second marriage regardless of whether he was Catholic or not, so the fact that he was never free to marry, when he “married” you, should still remain the same…

Don’t worry too much, your husband will be able to receive the sacraments soon and you too :slight_smile: It will be wonderful


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