Annulment approved, communion?

It doesn’t sound like you were living as brother and sister the last 12 years. :confused: If that were the case, you could have confessed the marriage outside the Church and nothing would have kept you from Communion.

No, the fact that your family is Presbyterian does not make the marriage invalid. The marriage is invalid because you, as a Catholic, married outside the Church. When you are married in the Church, assuming you get the proper permissions to marry a non-Catholic, you will have a valid and Sacramental marriage. I hope that happens soon so you can end this wondering and get on with being married and being Catholic. :slight_smile:

I agree.

I have proper permission, but I will confirm. Thank you.

OK my apologies - I see where the miscommunication was - when you said the children were baptized on a Catholic forum it sounded like the children were baptized Catholic.

Here is another question, what about any other children that comes as a gift from the marriage - you will be required by Sacrament to bring them up Catholic from the start -is that a problem - and how does your wife feel about NFP?

Exodus 20:12 (New International Version, ©2010)

12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

pray the rosay for your wifes conversion :confused: mother knows best:D:;):stuck_out_tongue:

Dear brother

Let me repeat the one piece of sound advice that has been offered by several others here, namely, consult with your priest. Only he knows (or will know) your exact circumstances and what precise course of action you will need to follow.

You give every evidence of wanting to know and do the proper thing. Don’t be discouraged by others judging you based on their conjecture or personal opinions. This is after all just a forum.

May Jesus continue to walk with you in this journey.

This is good advice and please also don’t get weighted down by those including me asking questions and playing advocate - it is a forum as the above poster said. Unfortuately one of the reasons some people come to forums is their situations do not lend themselves to talking it out and there are red flags so over and over here on CAF we get the bad stories. It is a depressing view from time to time. God bless and good luck.

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