Annulment help


My wife and I got legally married 8 years ago. We did it in the court house and didn’t tell anyone. A year later we got married in the Catholic Church. We hid the fact that we were already legally married from the church so they would proceed with marrying us and so my family would approve. We are now separated and not divorced yet. My question is, is this grounds for an annulment because we were previously legally married and intentionally hid it from the church?


Well, I suggest you talk to your pastor.


You will need to talk to your pastor about filing for an annulment. There are probably questions or checkboxes or something on the paperwork where you can write down why you believe your marriage to be invalid.


You need to discuss this with your Pastor.


Didn’t they ask you to get a marriage license? Which country was this anyway?


I doubt it, but only a priest can tell you for sure. Make an appointment ASAP and discuss your marital status with your pastor.


This was in the U.S. They did need a marriage license but we altered the documentation so they wouldn’t see we were married for over a year already. We were young and got married Initially so I could put her on my health insurance. To this day our families don’t know.


Purposely forging a document with intent to defraud the Church may constitute seriously grave matter. I would definitely speak with your pastor ASAP. Prayers are with you.


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