Annulment, is it contradictory to scripture or not?

I am being challenged on the issue of annulment and why the church allows it. The person is raising the verse Matthew 19:9 as being where the bible contradicts annulment.

I have already pointed out that Annullment is diffrent to divorce.

The Church doesn’t “allow” it as if it’s something that is done to a Marriage. It not, it’s simply a declaration after investigation that no Marriage actually took place.

I don’t see how effectively it is different from divorce. A couple could have lived together for years, have kids etc and they can get an annulment because the church says they were never really married? So if a Catholic gets married in a Protestant church without a dispensation they can get an annulment but two Protestants can’t? This strikes me as trying to go by the letter rather than the spirit of God’s will.

divorce is the ending of a Valid marrage, Annulment is the declaring of a marriage to not have been a valid one. There is a strong diffrence theologically.

I liken an Annulment to be much like “the two week cooling off period” in any contracted agreement, especially in Sales. it is not the exiting of a valid contract, but the ending of an invalid agreement because one side did not understand what was being sold to them, or it wasn’t done correctly, or the person selling the product did not understand exactly what they were selling to the other person.

oh and two protestants can’t get their marriage declared invalid by the Church for obvious reasons… THEY’RE PROTESTANTS!!!


However if a Protestant who was previously married wants to marry a Catholic he would need an annulment from his Protestant marriage. The marriage of a Protestant to a Protestant would be declared valid, but a Protestant to a Catholic, without a dispensation would be invalid. This is assuming that the disparity of form would be the only grounds for annulment.

Annulment an example of how the Catholic will abandon scripture to suit the needs of its adherents…

As with all things catholic, if you press a Catholic on any issue (Transubstantiation, Purgatory, Papal Authority, etc.), you will always get them to deny the concept but keep the term. For instance, when I talk to a Catholic in person, the following happens:

Transubstantiation becomes just a name, it might become the body and blood of Christ in their eyes, but it has no power

Purgatory becomes “instantaneous,” no one suffers, more of a hot shower, etc…

Papal Authority becomes merely an administrative position, not God on Earth

Annulment is in no way scriptural, it is a cop-out because the Catholic Church understands few of its adherents are actually capable of keeping a commitment, (same is true in Protestantism, but we usually provide more support for a marriage, training, accountability, etc. rather than abandoning a Covenant made with God)

if you want to talk about cop outs(which the catholic ones aren’t) why not lets have a little discussion about how Sola Scriptura denies Paul’s own assertion that “the church is the pillar and bullwork of truth”. Or about Sola Fide, when the bible says in James Chapter 2 that “faith without works is dead”.

The only place where the bible actually says sola Fide is in the negative.

Annulment is supported scripturally because all the biblical passages are actually talking specifically of Divorce and not the ending of an invalid agreement.

What about Romans 4:1 and following? or Ephesians chapter 2? the whole thing?

Faith = Salvation + Works

Annulment is supported scripturally because all the biblical passages are actually talking specifically of Divorce and not the ending of an invalid agreement.

Then someone has no idea what it means to make a covenant before God, and should abstain from marriage for him/herself, because they have no idea how to be a good spouse

I don’t see any contradiction… A protestant to protestant marriage is called a Civil marriage, it is NOT a sacramental marriage. The catholic would enter into a Civil marriage. Therefore Sacra mentally the marriage is invalid(unless dispensation is granted which makes the civil marriage a sacramental marriage), which the point you seem to be missing. Sacramentally the Catholic is entering a state of sin.

For the Protestant a Civil Annulment(Or divorce) would be required, once again this is different to a Catholic Annulment as it is an annulment obtained from Secular(Or protestant) Authorities…

The contradiction would be to put a Civil marriage on par with a sacramental marriage and Civil annulment(the kind a protestant can obtain) on par with a Catholic annulment. That would truly be contradictory.

Which is the point… As a Catholic I believe that the covernant before God can only be made within a Catholic Church. That is why we have the “Annulment” belief. We believe Any marriage not made within the catholic church is not a Covernant before go. That is what we believe.

Civil marriage is NOT Sacramental marriage.

Catholics can marry protestants… but the covernant must be made inside the Catholic Church, OR with dispensation otherwise it is NOT a covernant before God and is NOT a Sacramental marriage, and therefore can be annulled…

Only sacramental marriage can not be annulled(unless one person did not understand, comprehend or adhere to the agreement they were getting into, you have to understand what you are getting into).

If someone says “until death do us part,” in any context, and fails to live up to it, they sin. If the church they are a member of helps them, the church is in sin.

What a load of rubbish!

Well, the church is helping them in the commission of a sin, what am I supposed to do? They help them make an oath a lie…

Actually you are the one sinning by lying!

As a non-Catholic I believe an annulment is indeed contradictory to Scripture.

Only God knows the heart of man.

Only God knows if they were married in His eyes or they were not. No men on earth (outside of that covenant) can authoritatively determine this.

A Catholic cannot get Married by a Protestant minister without a dispensation. That’s way it can be declared Null and Void. The Marriage between two Protestants could also be found Null and Void if the Protestant faith required or prohibited something for a valid Marriage and that did or did not happen. People get a Valid Marriage by religious standards confused with a legal Marriage by civil standards. A Marriage attempt could be declared Null and Viod by legal standards also if something required by civil law didn’t happen as required.

Divorce and re-marriage is strictly prohibited in the Scriptures but yet many if not most Protestant Communities allow it without a second thought? Annulment however is mentioned but not expanded on in the Scriptures (Matt 19:9) to the same extent divorce and re-marriage is several times. (Matt 19:1-9, Matt 5:32, Mk 10:11-12, Luke 16:18, Rom 7:2-3, 1 Cor 7:10) The Greek word used in Matt 19:9 and 5:32 means an illegal or invalid marriage.

A valid Marriage between two Baptized Protestants who are capable of Marriage is always seen by the Catholic Church as a Sacrament.

Except of course the one Church established by Christ and given His authority.

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