Annulment n comunnion


My wife and i want to receive communion. She has been divorce over 32 yrs , her ex has remarried and has children.
She is in the 2nd stage of her annulment and is being reviewed by the tribunal in San Antonio. If she is granted an annulment can i [husband] receive communion ?


are you Catholic?


Yes i am and we are married by justice of the peace. We would like to be married by church. When i go to church and see people receive communion tears roll down my face because i can’t.


Assuming you do not have any prior marriages to contend with, then if your wife’s first marriage is declared null the two of you can convalidate your marriage and begin receiving communion.

If the two of you, under the guidance of your priest, cease marital relations while you wait, you may be able to go to Reconciliation and begin receiving the Eucharist.

Also, continence would be an option should your wife’s marriage be found valid.


My first wife of 40 yrs passed about 4yrs. ago. Her second husband of 32 yrs passed also. We have know each other since we were 15 yrs of age but seems like we went diffrent ways. Her 1st husband was a marriage by church and thats the one that has us in a bind. We met again visiting the sick at a hospital , we started e-mailing , talking on the phone and than getting together again. I know i prayed and left it in God’s hands . I know she felt the same way. Things just started working out from there. I hope we won’t have long to wait i’m 63 going on 64 and we are getting older. We just want to get it right


Are you saying that each of you has no living spouse?


She has a living spouse but were divorce back in 1970. She remarried and her second marriage lasted 32 yrs , her scond husband passed as my first wife of 40yrs.


Then 1ke gave you some good advice.


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